Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am so blardy tired and simply too lazy to do much posting last few days. I think my last post was about a week or so ago? Well, parents and sis came on Friday evening. We left the house at around 7.45pm to the KLIA to pick them. Apparently, their flight suppose to arrived by 8.30pm but end up, they only came out from the terminal at around 9pm-ish. And since bro already called to warned me that they have alot of bags and for sure wont be able to fit everyone and the bags too into the car. So, got dad to buy the ticket for a taxi to go down with us too. (Yar, crazy just getting another taxi to carry the bags right?:P)

Anyway, we finally arrived home around 10pm-ish. After unpack and get the sleeping arrangements sorted out, we went to bed around midnight. The next day, Saturday, spent the day laze around during the daytime especially since it was so hot outside. Bring them to 1u for walk around dinner. By the time we reached home, it was already almost 11pm. So, again, get ready for bed and only finally sleep around midnight.

Next day, Sunday, we woke up and have Yong Taufu brunch at a shop in SS2. Cannot remember the name but the food was so-so only. Then we drove up to Genting. Took us almost an hour plus just to drive up and the experience was really scary. This is actually the first time that babe and I ever drive ourselves up to Genting. Previously, we will usually take the bus or taxi. So, I can imagine the car straining just to carry the 5 of us not-so-small-size people up the steep slope.

Once there, check-in took about 45minutes. After check in, dad immediately went to the casino while babe, mom, sis and I went for a walk and early dinner. We went into the casino too after that and spend our time there till around 9pm. Then, mom, sis and I went back to the room. After mom and sis sleep, I decided to go back to the casino to join babe lar. After all, it is not often that I come to the casino and end up get cooped up in the hotel room because fall sick! It was a good experience. Win some and lose some. In the end, lost about RM200.

Babe and I only went back to the room to sleep around 4.30am. Dad was even more terror! He only came back at around 6am-ish and didn't even sleep. Mom, dad and sis went for breakfast after that while babe and I continue our sleep in peace. They came back around 9am-ish. Parents decided to go to casino again. Babe was still sleeping. So, I stayed in the room with sis and him. After babe woke up, parents still not back. So, we decided to go and search for food.

Mom called me around 11am-ish and we ate at the KFC. That was really a horrible experience. I think the KFC there no quality control! The taste was abit weird and even the hot & spicy does not look like the usual ones! I for one will never go to KFC there ever again. I rather bring bread or something if we go again! We went back to the room again after that to pack up and check out. Dad came back to the room around 12.30pm.

Babe and I decided we want to go for a short round at the casino again. Something about testing a theory that we have. Wont tell you guys what it is or else you will call me crazy or something. Maybe one day, I will tell you guys and see what you all say. But for now, it is a secret. Anyway, we finally left Genting at around 3pm and reached home around 5pm. Unpacked, rest and then we went out for dinner.

Tuesday, I was still on leave but had to wake up at 6.30am as I need to send babe to work so that we can use the car for the day. Dad have a few appointments set. Left the house at 7am and I only reached home at 9am. And then left the house again at 10am. This time with dad, mom and sis. First destination, somewhere near Mines Wonderland. Nope, we didnt go to Mines but some shop lots behind it. Dad had his busienss appointment and then the people he met up bring us all for lunch.

Then next appointment is at Jln Perubatan. So, drove all the way. Took about an hour to reach the place. Waited while dad have his meeting till around 4.30pm. Then we drove all the way to Klang to pick babe up. That took another hour because of the traffic jam caused by the rain. Got babe to drive us all back home from his office and I sat at the back and promptly fall asleep. Babe said I was snoring :(

Reached home at around 6.30pm. Everyone shower and change. Then we went out to Shogun at 1u for dinner since it was mom's birthday. After dinner around 9.45pm, we went to Jusco to get some groceries because I will be working the next day. Need to make sure they have food at home because they wont be having any transport to go around while we are at work. Again, we only finally reached home around 11pm and sleep around midnight!

Really really really tired!!! But it was fun lar seeing my parents and sis enjoy themselves. But I only realised yesterday that I did a miscalculation. They are going back this coming Monday and I somehow thought they are going back the following Monday. Mean that I still have this week and next week to bring them around. But instead, only left Friday, Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday. DAMN! If I know, I would have applied for Friday and next Monday off together with the last Friday to Tuesday.

So now, understandably, boss did not approved my leave for Friday (tomorrow) but ok for Monday. Instead, he said I can go back earlier tomorrow once I finished up all my work for the day. So, that is something lar. Maybe I can go back around 2-3pm. Then at least can spend more time with them. I am wondering if I should send babe to work tomorrow and Saturday morning too so that we will at least have transport to use. But that would mean I have make the 45min drive to send and pick him from work.

Hhhm..need to think about it first. I could ask him but we are having our silent war again today. Dun feel like talking about it on the blog. For the sake of my parents, I will maintain the peace for now. But next week, he cant blame me if I do something drastic and 'disappear' to destress and not tell him about it! Yar! That is how geram I feel right now....


dumb-baker said...

Calm down my dear...enjoy the precious moments with ur family and hope you have a good weekend k:)

headsteadi said...

aiyak ... how come two cute couple merajuk so long one? whatever it is, since it's your parent's holiday some more first time visit to your house, just be patient ;)

should've call me for additional transport. that's what friends are for :)

what time are they leaving on Monday? need help?

JenJen's Place said...

Elo Baker,
Yap, trying hard to enjoy them as much as I can :)

Hope u have baker-licious wkend dear.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Headsteadi,
Yap, trying to be patient...

Actually we did crack our head to see who have big cars but in the end decided dont want to trouble our friends :P

You know what, I have not asked dad what time his Monday flight is! I think should be around 8pm-ish. Mean that they need to be at the airport by 7pm since its MAS? So, we need to leave by 6pm? Alamak! I better ask him during lunch time. Need to make transport arrangements!

headsteadi said...

if you need to leave by 6-ish, that'd be just nice for me. my office to your house is only 10-15mins via Penchala link ;)

JenJen's Place said...

WOW! U r reli serious abt sending us to KLIA on Monday? Let me check with my parents in case they have other plans because I think my dad did mentioned something about check in @ KL Sentral and use the express train to airport. If they can check in the bags there and have assistance for OKU, then I will just send them to KL Sentral :)

headsteadi said...

of course la serious. play2 for what?

KL Sentral requires 2 hours check-in time if you want to check your luggage via XKL. Otherwise you can take your luggage on the train if not many bags. It's disable friendly as well. There's elevators available.