Friday, February 6, 2009

No need topic lar

Guess what? It is FRIDAY!!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then we will be having a long weekend since Monday is public holiday. And then the following week will also be a 4-day-week for me because I took 20 Feb off. Parents and sis is coming that night bah. So, I thought I better take leave to clean up the apartment that day and cook babe a super delicious meal for agreeing to go pick them up from KLIA. I got this feeling that not everything will fit into the car. Sigh! Maybe need to split into 2 cars and take a taxi down too.

Then the week after that is a 3-day-work-week for me because I took Monday and Tuesday off. Bosses already approved the leave. I am wondering if I should apply for the whole week off seeing that there is not much happening anyways now. Then can really spend more time with my parents. Most likely when I am off, I will send babe to work and then go back home so that we have the car to use. Not comfortable for babe to ride his bike so far to work. If short distance like mine, then it is not so bad.

I even worry when he drive the car because sometimes he can be pretty reckless. I know I should trust him lar but I have seen him doing something that I didnt expect him to do, such as driving too fast or too close to the car in front of him. I guess man being man, they just cant help driving like that? Not that the girls are any better driver than men but we are more cautious? Oopss! Now I insulted BOHT guys and girls. I think I better not say anymore about this and continue digging my own graves!

Change topic!! Later will be going to Tmn Tun Jaipur for banana leaf rice again. We went there almost every week to have the banana leaf rice. The food is great and variety is good. Best of all, free refill and all for RM4.50 only. Let me see, 4 types of vege, 2 types of chips, unlimited amount of rice, curry gravy, dhal, salted chillies, dhal cake, payasam (a sweet dessert) and chutneys. And plain water is free. Nowadays, where can find coffeeshops that do not charge for the plain water? So, eat till you explode! Definitely worth it! :P


RaiNboW said...

Happy Friday Dear... Hope u enjoy ur holiday. ;)

JenJen's Place said...

Uiks!! (HUGGSS!)
Yar, definite will enjoy it because no one will call me from work :P

Jess said...

Free refill and only for RM4.50

From Jess

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Jess,
Yap, very cheap. But for the next 1 mth, must not go there ler or else everything will be ruined! :P