Friday, August 14, 2009


10.45pm, Friday - in the living room and blog hopping while babe sleep on the bamboo mat in the living room and watch Shanghai Noon. Yar, the show that has repeated a thousand times. Ok, no a thousand time but at least a few hundred? Dont know why in the world do they repeat some of this movies so many times! As if we dont know or watch it already.

Anyway, babe is suffering from gout pain on his right feet again! He has been in pain since last Saturday and got abit better on Tuesday when he took some anti-inflamation and painkiller that the doctor gave him on Monday when he went to collect his MC. Dont really know what is the matter. Getting kinda worried because he is getting his gout more often in the pass few months. We have been controlling our food and making sure no beef or lamb (which is why I still have so much lamb slices in the freezer!). Mostly we eat chicken and occassional pork nowadays. And he is taking oat every morning except weekend.

His blood pressure has dropped to pretty normal level but somehow the gout just keep coming. We suspect it is the hand held massager that we got from OTO a few months back. It seems that he will get really bad gout everytime he use the massager on the base on his feet. So, we decided to stop using that and see what happen. But in the meantime, he just had to ride out this gout episode till its over! Sigh....So worried about him la! Trying to make him to go exercise with me more. Maybe yoga but now is not a good time to start and join a new yoga session since we might move soon.

Am thinking of moving nearer to where babe is working now since I will most likely be working somewhere near there too in a couple of months. I am still waiting for the bloody offer letter that I have been expecting since Tuesday! No idea why so long, either too many red tapes with many layer of approval or people are just taking their sweet time. (Although the hiring manager actually told me he needs someone in 'yesterday'). I guess he is the only one sensing the urgency? DRATS!! I just hope I am not going in for another cleaning crew job.

Anyway, if I do get this job and accept it, it would mean the logical and cost saving option would be to move nearer to it. At the moment, babe going to work mean:
1) I had to wake up early and arrived office by 7.30am eventhough my official office hour is 9am-6pm
2) Babe had to drive 45minutes just to get to work
3) Average tol per day to and from work is RM10
4) Average petrol per week to and from work is RM80 (this is after petrol price dropped to current level. When it was at its peak, had to pay a whopping RM120-150 per week)

But moving to the new place although would be great because it will deminish all the above and we can get a proper landed place to rent, it would also mean that we will be far away from everything and everyone we know! Now, whenever I want to, I can just drop by at 1U or Ikea or Curve. All this places just minutes drive from my current apartment/condo. It also mean that it is easy to meet up with Tif whenever we want to for dinner or meals. And on top of that, SS2 and Taman Megah is simple affair.

Moving to the new place would mean learning everything new. It is almost a totally new world. I know that I told the interviewers that distance is not a problem. After all, I flew over South China Sea to KL and work. But frankly, the distance scares me. Would I at the spur of the moment decided to drive to 1u for shopping? Would I have the time? Would I find new short cuts from there to Sunway? Or is there any cool movie places? Of course, Tesco, Giant and Carrefour are there but then again, it would not be the same. ARGHH!! Changes changes! How hard it is to accept changes?

But on the positive note, I will out from the dominating COM (you figure out yourself what COM means ok! ^_^) And I will have a more productive life with manageable stress. At least I will get myself back. Yup, the super confident lady that knows EXACTLY what she want to do with her life. One month ago, about now, I wont be able to tell you what I said 30minutes ago is true if COM just ask me the 'are-you-sure' or 'why-you-do-that' question. I know, I shouldnt have let this affect me but try having those comments that makes you feel stupid thrown at you everyday for 1.5yrs... And then tell me it shouldnt affect me!

Anyway, today, the old akak (some1 in HR la) also dropped me a stupid insensitive skype. I was on mc since Wednesday and turned out she decided she wants to talk to me about the change in reporting structure for me, the day that I was down with really bad sorethroat, running nose, teary eyes, i.e. flu. Short of a fever, I would have believe I have the dreaded H1N1 (Luckily its not or else I would be in hospital?) Thursday, still bad, so still on MC. Friday (today) went back to work, saw the email sent to me on Wed by old akak stating that she wanted to see me but I was on MC again (as if I intentionally go on MC or is it better I just go to work and infect everyone?). Decided to pop in her office to talk to her in my super sexy voice and asked if she want to talk now. She told me that she have an interview at 9.15am and told me she will skype me later once she is done.

I say fine. What else could I say right? So, 11.45am, still no skype from her, we went off to lunch. I got back, skype message received at 11.55am, from old akak of course, apologising not able to meet me today since she need to catch the afternoon flight back to Singapore but she will be here on Monday and will meet me then if I am in! BLARDY BULL POOP! (Yes, Bull poop sounds nicer that BS right?) What does she mean with that? She hear me with my flu-strucked voice. Even the vendors are in shocked that I am in office today.

Another good motivator for me to say sayonara eh? To tell you the truth, if it were not for COM, I wouldnt mind staying at all. At the time where other semiconductor companies are retrenching people, they actually gave us bonus and increment. Company sounds stable despite all the capacity problems with the vendors but finding ways to solve the problems are actually very satisfying. Money was good but then again, money isnt everything especially when it starts to effect health and mental state. It aint worth the pain and suffering no matter how much I love this job! (Pain and suffering = high blood pressure, low immunity, hormone inbalance that cause period delay..just to name a few). So definitely not worth it! Correct or not? COLLEK COLLEK! :P

As I was saying in one of my other post, life changing experience this week and even better one next week. Everyday is a lucky day for me because I am letting it happen. And everyday, something good happen because I believe it will happen no matter what. As one of MelancholyThong said give thanks to God, life is good because I can still afford to rent a good apartment, can afford to go out and buy food from the market, still have friends that truly care for me, know love through babe, still can afford to pay crazy prices just 2 simple slices of nyonya kueh. So, give thanks. Oh! And still have job to go to! :P

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