Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Night I Got My Friends Pregnant

Sooooo..long weekend and guess what we decided to do? BBQ Gathering of course! It is actually an annual thing that babe and his friends usually do on the eve of Merdeka Day (Independence Day). When he and his buddies were younger, this were one of the excuses to get together to drink and get really really drunk. But nowadays, with most of them married and with kids, it is more a get-together to catch up, chit chat and see what each other is doing.

And this year, this 31 Aug falls on a Monday, I decided to have one at our place for my friends. It is sort of a semi-potluck thing where everyone bring a little something. (I think the friends are curious to see how in the world do people do bbq in a apartment balcony! HAHA). Anyway, gathering started at around 6.30-7pm but preparation for me actually started much earlier.

We (yahh, babe and I) woke up at 7.30am (again, yah!!! He woke up at 7.30am on Saturday!! HAHAHA!). We went to the market early in hope to buy nice cuts of pork and whole pieces of spare rib for the bbq that night. Also, we wanted to get some crab to cook for lunch. By the time we arrive and parked, it was actually already 8.30am. Unexpectedly, there are actually a big crowd of people! The market was so jam packed that there are actually human traffic jam at some part of the market. Really didnt expect so many people to go early to the market.

Anyway, we did our pork shopping, bought the crab, crab with roe some more! Usually, we discovered that it is really hard to find female crab for sale. What more, those with roe, even much harder to get. So, imagine our surprise that not only there are female crab for sale but it is full of golden orange roe! Simply cant resist it. We got a 1kg (4 crabs) for RM28. We also bought some lectuce to have with the bbq pork tonight.

The previous time I went to the wet market alone, I saw a coffee shop selling dimsum in the heart of the wet market! Imagine, stacks and stacks of steamed dimsum just beside the stall selling roast pork! So, this time since I went with babe, decided to seek out the shop to have our breakfast. That is when we discovered that there are 2 dimsum shops and the one that we went is one of the older better ones (PHEW!).

How they serve? Well, you dont have to go to order. They will actually bring you trays and trays of the steamed dimsum and those more fusion ones on a tray and you choose what you want. Babe and I went a little overboard and actually had 6 dishes at the end of the day. Let me see, deep fried radish cakes (3pieces), yam puff (2pieces), salted egg with pork dim sum(3pieces), hakaw (4pieces), normal pork dimsum (3pieces) and steamed marinated pork rib. Total damage was RM17.90 which is cheap if you ask me because that mean on average, each set is less than RM3? Cheap for KL price la ok!
Restoran Hong Kong Dimsum at Menjalara wet market

The empty dimsum trays! :P

By the time we are done and reached home, it was 10am. Keeping the stuff and do this that and cook the crab, 11am. Babe decided to clean the aquarium since we are having at our place at night. He want to show off his koi! haha! By the time we are done (noticed I say 'we'? Yah, had to help him with the aquarium cleaning...), I took 2 hours nap. Apparently I really 'kong-ed' out because I didnt even know babe came to the room for a nap too!

4pm, woke up and start cleaning the house and set up the balcony for the bbq pit. Went out to buy some ice, charcoal and soft drink for the night too. Friends start arriving at 6.30pm and guess what time the last friend left? 5.30am! Nope, not a typo error. Phew! It was tiring but super great fun! Great success judging from my friends bulging groaning pregnant-looking tummy. And of course, the numbers of empty bottles also great testament of what happened :P

So, the pictures:

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