Thursday, August 13, 2009

Short talk: Tired of waiting

Getting super tired of waiting for this people to finally call me. Since Tuesday till now still nothing. When I finally called them just now, she said will call me at 5.30pm but end up nothing! I am seriously wondering what is going on and whether I am really going to get it or not. Oh well, I guess I just need to trust the LOA and God. Whatever happen will happen. If nothing happened, then there must be a good reason for the LOA and God to not it happen. And I am pretty sure there are plenty of other stuff around.

Just really short talk because I am actually still on MC today. Since yesterday ler. Got really bad sorethroat and flu. Went to the doctor and since no fever, he dont think it is H1N1. Just asked me to rest and gave me antibiotics for the inflamed throat. Now, throat is better but nose still running and I am super super tired as if I had run 100m dash a few hundred times. Sweating alot but somehow feel like cold sweat. Dont know how to explain. Plan to sleep right after this. Hopefully tomorrow will be well enough to go to work.

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