Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cannot sit!!!!

ARGHH!! Can hardly sit still since Tuesday. I feel like jumping up and down, dancing, skipping like a little gal. So so so excited because I got this feeling that I will get a life changing event happening latest by next Monday! Dont ask me how. I just know it! I just cant wait! Can someone help me make the time go faster? Can can can can? I will be most grateful! HEHE!!!!!! Hhmm...they might even call me tomorrow yar! hhmm..hahahaha ok ok..enough!

Anyway, was going home yesterday evening and while babe was driving, noticed the sky was really beautiful and the sun wan shinning behind the cloud. I dont know but somehow I just feel so fortunate to be alive! It makes me remember the most important thing in the world. It makes me remember who is the master of my feelings, anger, happy, sad, upset and so on. Each of this emotion, we are the one that control it. We are the one that decides if we want to be angry at the way people is treating us. OR we want to ignore it and take it as a lesson.

I know, it is not easy, no no..let me rephrase, it is DAMN difficult thing to do.But I think the most important thing is to remember that we are the one in control and make a habit out of it. Oh, I am not asking you to be this crazy person that always laugh and smile. I am just asking you not to let emotion overwhelmed you. Life is just too short for that. You never know what will happen next. Look at Yasmin Ahmad...

So, since I decided to cherish what life has to offer, I decided to enjoy the food too! hahaha!! :P

We been to this place called KTZ a few time. In fact, the first I went there was with Tif, a friend of mine and her parents, godmom and aunty. Fun time and super yummy dessert. I ordered peanut with black sesame porridge and trust me, it is SUPERB!!! It is like eating creamy peanut butter mix with black sesame drink. You just need to try it. But bewarned though, the bowl might look small but this is super super filling and rich dessert. Its like having the super rich chocolate cheesecake.

We actually went there 2-3times already and today, went again. I ordered black sesame with glutonious rice and another colleague of mine ordered bubur kacang. But suprisingly, the dessert actually have little coconut milk in them. Normally, such dessert will be loaded with unhealthy coconut milk! So, at least we dont feel so guilty la.

Ok lar. Now that I have disperse some of my extra hyper energy, I can sit down properly and watch criminal mind on astro :P hahahaha

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