Monday, August 3, 2009

Penang Trip (Part II) - Food & Places (New Photos added)

Basically, this trip to Penang is really a makan-trip. From the moment we start from my place, all the way to Penang and back to KL again. On Saturday, K came at 7.45am. Initially, we decided to have breakfast near a Indian cafe near my place. This place serve really mean rawa thosai. But babe complaint and said why want to go so near to eat when we can that anytime of the week. And so we agreed only to have breakfast at Ipoh town. At around 8.30am, we passed the signboard that says 168km, i.e. more than 1.5hours away. Babe got the shock of his life because he thought Ipoh is just about half hour away! HAHA!

He starts to complaint that he is hungry and if he knew its so far, he would have said ok to breakfast at Sri Dsara! HAHAHA! K and I had a good laugh. So, in the end, we stopped at one of the R&R with the intention to see if there is anything to buy but even the buns were not heated yet. So, babe have to settle with a bottle of soya milk. We continued and stopped at the Tapah R&R. Babe ate nasi lemak. K and I had so vada and karipap.

Half hour later, we arrived at Ipoh town. That was around 10.30am. We stopped at a foodcourt and babe ordered wantan mee with soya sauce chicken feet. K and I had something lighter, some dim sum and yam puff.

We finally arrived at Penang and meet up with R (another colleague) and his family for lunch at One World food court. Didn't take any photos since K cant bring down her camera due to super heavy rain (R said we are the rain bringer since Penang has not rained for awhile). The rest of us were just too excited about the food and completely forgotten to take photos. We ordered Curry noodle, persembul, hor fun, chee cheong fun, yam cake, oyster omelette, bubur kacang, bubur cha cha, ABC ice kacang and chang. All this for 2 kids and 5 adults. (Dont ask me how...)

Then, we went off to Keh Lok Si temple (Spelling??) and this are the photos:
Entrance at the top-finally!

Miniature pagoda

Bonsai - dunno how old it is but its about 3-4feet tall and superbly beautiful

Hundreds and thousands of turtles!

I like this photo the most! Look at the cloud behind it...

View from the pagoda and temple

Jade teahouse

Jade moon

Carved pillar

Carved pillar close up

Beautiful carved God

Beautiful lights as offerings

Golden encased buddha

Carving on the ceiling

Arch with beautiful blue flower and wind chime

By the time we are done with the temple and sent R and his family back, only checked in at around 6pm and finally got to our apartment at 6.15pm. Rested and showered. Babe took a short nap and then R called to go for our dinner date- Bak Kut Teh! Super yummy! R ordered the bak kut teh for 6 person. It came in a large claypot and lots of pork meat and spareparts (internal organs), mushroom and beancurd skin. We also ordered 7 bowl of yam rice and 2 plate of steamed iceberg lectuce topped with bak sang (shredded crispy pork). All this was just for RM59! Can you believe it. If in KL, order for 6 person and you will end up paying RM80-100!

After dinner, R sent his kids back and we went off to Bailey's pub for some drinks. After that, we went to Kayu for maggie goreng and teh tarik! HAHAHA! Terrible huh? I told you this is a real eating-trip. We got back to the hotel at around 1am. K went straight to bed. Babe and I stayed in the living room for a shortwhile to unwind and watch a little tv. 1.30am, we went off to bed too. Next morning, R called at 7.45am to make sure that we are awake to get ready for our dim sum breakfast date at 8.30am.

The scene at the dimsum restaurant...only 1 word to summon it: CHAOS! Lots and lots of people queuing/fighting to get a share of the dimsum, which is self-service. They give you this little card where the person will tick when you choose any of the dimsum. Then, later, count everything together. There seem to be every kind of dimsum imaginable. From the original steamed dimsum to fried dimsum to Hong Kong chee cheong fun to porridge! 5 adults and 2 kids, eat ate 30 portion of dimsum (err..not sure what you calling it, types?). Total damage = RM83. I only managed to take round 1 of the dim sum and after that tuck in and eat like nobody's business. The 2 boys/kids were really enjoying and eating too! HEHE!

After breakfast, we decided to go around town. We stopped at one of the many many different surname jetty and walked down this rustic truly first-time experience little jetty. At the end, we can see the sea and more house on stilts! Really rustic and!
Also stopped at one of the famous temples in Penang. Lots and lots of smoke because of the all the incense and joss stick that were being burned.

After going round the town, since its still early, we decided to drive all the way to Batu Ferringhi just to see and come. We are finally back to the hotel again at 12.30pm. All three of us took an hour nap and check out at 2pm. Went to Kapitan for chicken and mutton bryiani rice for our lunch. The bryiani was really yummy and worth the RM7.50 that they charged us. Even babe who is not really a fan of mamak food was impressed. The only regret was that they didnt serve us in claypot as they are suppose to because they ran out of pot. So, the rice somehow looks less when served on the normal mamak plate with partition.

After lunch, it was around 2.30pm and off we went for the trip back to KL. Did a few pit-stop at some of the R&R but basically we just want to get back to KL fast to rest. Reached my place just before 7pm. K left her car at our place, so she drove home from our place.

All in all, it was a really fun trip but very tiring. I think we try to pack too many activities into the 2 days as if we will never come back to Penang again! Next time, I think we will just concentrate on 1 or 2 activities and other time, we will try to laze around in the nice service apartment and enjoy it more! Also, must try to have more than 1 night! Haiyaa..really sayang lar didnt enjoy the service apartment more! The pool!! HAIYAAAAA!!SIGH!! Nevermind la, there is always next time. For all you know, babe and I might decide to move to Penang and stay there instead.


Dav DiDi said...

make me wants to go there nia

JenJen's Place said...

Come, we go together :)

Rose said...

wow! makan and makan! phew! I would be too stuffed to do anything

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
HAHA! Yar, super stuffed till even babe said lets have sandwich for dinner on Monday night! haha