Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh chocolate, where are you??

Can you guess how stressed and tired I am after looking at the above photo? HAHAHA! I am really taking the few days off from my pass one month healthy eating and simply indulge in sinful food. That is a the 200gm bar of toblerone by the way. And nolar, I didnt eat the whole thing la. I took 2 pieces and kept the rest. Too sweet! Plus I am planning to bring it back to KL to tempt the rest of my colleagues to indulge too! :P

I just got back to hotel at around 10pm today after a meeting marathon. Sufficient to say that the outcome was not what I have hoped and by end of next week, I will know if I am going to be coming to Penang again to go Kulim and visit the vendor for delivery related stuff! SHEESH!!

Cant believe that when almost the whole world electronics is at a standstill, the company that I am working for and the vendors business are booming so much that they can only start a order they received today about 6-8 weeks later and based on the cycle time they have now, I will only get my product 2 months later. So, that is 4 months after order before able to get the product we ordered. That is not yet to the end customer! That is only part of the process. The remaining process can take up to 2-4weeks! That means customer have to predict 5-6mths away and give the PO today!

Understandably, alot of customers are grumbling. Well, not only grumbling but shouting and kicking up a fuss. Now, it basically boils down to who can shout the loudest and make the biggest ruckus so that the vendor will pay attention and do something just so that the customer will leave them alone! Imagine being told by the vendor that they are sorry but the reality is they cant make the shipment earlier because that would mean sacrificing other customers. So, it just shows you at what level of priority the different customers is at! I dont remember ever making a customer feel unimportant when I was working in my old company in Kuching!

Anyway, we arrived the vendor at around 3pm and the meeting started right away. Took almost 2 hours for the discussion. Then, it was more discussion with other planners that is not related to this customer that I am with. When we finally check in at the hotel, it was around 7.40pm. Went up, left the bag in the hotel rooms and off to dinner at around 7.50pm. We went to a small little cute cafe near the hotel. Ate curry fish head Penang style, steam prawn, sesame nut coated chicken, beansprout with salted fish and kailan. All that just for the 3 of us!! And we actually FINISHED everything!! Either we are too tired and just wanna finish eating OR we are all stress eating:P

So, now I am back in my room. We left the place at around 9pm and the 2 guys wanted to go for a walk. I took a raincheck and decided to go back to the hotel to check my emails just in case something need my urgent attention. Yar yar, workaholic! But what to do. If I dont check the email, I will for sure think of it the whole night and the next morning. Then I wont have nice and peaceful sleep! I am done with that now. Am watching the top American move on 8tv while updating my blog and checking the facebook.

OK! Logging off now. Want some R&R before I doze off for the night. Plan to wake up abit earlier tomorrow for breakie before continue to do some more work. Again, I know I am crazy but I cant rest in peace lar until I do!!!! STUPID RIGHT? :P hahahaha...

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