Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Raving Mumbling Groaning about the MAN

OK OK!! I am updating my blog. Not that I dont want to la but been busy since got back from my business trip to Penang. Some more, this weekend will be our quarterly staff meeting on Saturday and on top of that, the lady boss organised a motivational training on Sunday! Of all days...sigh.. This mean that the weekend is basically gone and this week will be super duper long week. Combine with next week, will feel even longer than that. Cant wait till the labour day holiday come, then we have 3days long break. Tempted to take Monday off, then can have 4 days off!

I am seriously in need of a long break to spring clean our home. I feel so depressed when I see the home in its current state but I am just too tired do much spring cleaning and simply procrasinating. I think it has something to do with the fact that my monthly should be due in the next few days. Initially thought I will be able to do it this weekend. Just take one day to clean up the whole place, vacuum, mop, wipe, etc. But looks like not possible.

I told babe that perhaps we should ask someone to come in this weekend and clean the whole place up. I mean I dont mind paying RM50 to the cleaner to do it as long as she does a good job. After that, perhaps will ask the cleaner to come in every 2 weeks once or something like that. But babe disagreed because he felt that RM50 per visit for our tiny place is too expensive. He even jokingly said that I give him the RM50 and he will do the spring cleaning.

Well, if he is serious about it, I definitely dont mind. But knowing him, he will not do it lar. I mean, he dont even put the things back to the original place after using. And he dont put his stuff at the designated place. He prefer to just leave everything on the dining table or coffee table. Initially, I will actually clean up for him and put the things back to its original place. But after doing it for a while and nagging, I just decided to forget it lar. I mean, I am not the only one staying there, so, why in the world do I need to make sure that everything is clean?

I got so upset the day before yesterday and compounded by PMS, I actually said to babe: I never know that when I marry you, this is what I have to do everyday. Then he asked me: So, you mean you regret marrying me la?. Which I responded: Yah!

Mean of me but I want him to know how serious I am about this lor. But I know it wont work because I give in too easily. Usually, I would rather just do it instead of waiting for him to decide to do. Like our place now, most likely I will be the one doing the spring cleaning next weekend.

This morning, on, Pedro and Serena C' s topic of discussion was: Man turning into woman when in relationship. According to Pedro and Serena, when man in a relationship, they will usually become more girlish in term of household related stuff. I think they have not met my hubby :P


Sumuk said...

I on the other hand, the one who being nagged at. I think Serena C and Pedro might have been talking about my hubby heheh. Actually RM50 for hrs is very reasonable compare to the effort ur putting in. we have been seriously considering that too.

Ching Ching said...

Just few days ago, my hubby thinking to ask somebody to clean our house and i asked him to give me the money. But he keep diam! I think after marriage, all man become lazy. They thinking they have free maid!

Dav DiDi said...

Hahaha .. i think majority man are born with the mindset "mummy clean house" .. so when get marry .. the thinking change to "darling clean hse" .. :) hhmmmm

JenJen's Place said...

Ur place is double storey house ah? Mine is just a small 2room apartment wor. But I think that is the going rate, RM50. I guess I might just decided to do what I want when I get fed up oredi, i.e. bring the maid home! hahahaha

JenJen's Place said...

AGREE! I am basically his free hsemaid lor! Need to change his mindset ler..I also work fulltime.

JenJen's Place said...

If I work as fulltime housewife, then I wont complain. But we both leave the house and come back at the same time mar. So, why shud I be the one cleaning up while he enjoy himself playing computer game or watch tv?

Sumuk said...

Jen : Agree with you. we both bring money home, we should share the housework too. after working 12 hrs a day, we shud not be expected to do all that. unless in return they wash our car, they pay for the rental alone, they pay all the bills, then ok la.

Rose said...

I heard this morning segment too! yeah, not all men are like that. :p

At least my hubby does spring cleaning of the room once a month or when he free. But mostly when come to spring cleaning, he will be throwing away my things.

Netster said...

Not all men are like that :) I on the other hand cleaning our room more often than her!


JenJen's Place said...

Sumuk, EXACTLY! Can u help to brainwash my babe?? :P

JenJen's Place said...

HAHAHA! Big J throws ur things away ah? I am making babe vacuum the apartment tmrw since I am gonna be working:P

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Netster,
As I said to Sumuk, u wanna help me brainwash my babe for me??