Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BEWARN: Looooooonnnnnggggg Posting!!!

Ok ok..I am back. I know I have been dragging this for too long but I need time to change my brain to the bubbly happy me la. Need to get rid of the phobia and go back to my old self la. I think from the posting, you can actually trace my mood like a line-chart that is on a rapid decline and now slowly picking up the upward trend. Not an easy thing to do but I am back!

So, let me see. What has been happening for the last 2 weeks...hhmm.. submitted my income tax return online on the 29 Apr, well actually it was early morning of 30 Apr. And I learned my lesson never ever do anything so last minute again. I guess I took it for granted that the form is so easy and convenient to complete online that I decided to procrasinate till the very last minute. In fact, I actually started trying to complete the online form in the morning of 29 Apr but I think because of the congestion, the system keep informing that my password is wrong. This is impossible because I used the same password to login a couple of days ago.

Of course, a little tiny voice in my head tells me perhaps that I remembered the password wrongly or typed wrongly. So, I tried again. And after 3 tries, the system told me that I am blocked and please go to the nearest LHDN to unblock my account! SHEESH!!! In my mind, I am cursing really badly because it would mean that I need to find where is the nearest LHDN and then drive there and then queue up with all the last minute rush just to unblock the online account.

But God must be smiling and taking good care of me because I managed to find the website online that provides all the LHDN branches and the numbers to call! So, the nearest being Kelana Jaya office, I called to ask for direction. Imagine my surprise when the lady that answered not only told me they have reset the password for me and I do not have to go down to the office. She can even joked that if I want, I can still visit the office to chit chat with her! Hhmm...either she was having really good day or our government offices is changing their culture.

Armed with the new password, I was still having alot of trouble logging in to the form to submit my tax return. After a couple of hours being stucked on the same page, I decided to just forget it and try again super late tonight, hoping that others not having the same idea as me la. Suffice to say, truly thankful that it was all settled and done with around midnight. The best part is, I didnt owe the government any money :)

30 Apr, I was still at home, having fun doing NOTHING! Just stayed at home and clean up the place abit since jlaw (one of my ex-colleague from Kuching that became one of my close friend) is coming down from Singapore for the weekend. Babe was teasing me saying that my friend should come down more often because that would mean I will do a minor spring clean without bugging him to help me out. Gggrr!!! I initial thought I would do some baking too but after vacuuming, mopping and wiping down everything, it was just too hot to do anything else other than shower and sit in the living room sipping cool drink.

Anyway, the long weekend till 4 May was spent pretty much doing the same thing, i.e. sleep, eat, read book, shopping, watch tv and chit chat. Throughout that 6 days, I only checked my office email once to make sure that there is no shipment during the weekend (because I need to send shipping documents to the customers to alert them of the shipment if there is any). Only was super busy on 29 Apr because one of the colleague that is helping me at the office to entertain the customer called a few times to asked for verification of things. But other than that, it was really a superb opportunity to relax my mentally exhausted brain and emotion.

Am I really ready to be back to work after that? Well, let just say that I am looking forward to my one week holiday early Jul09 when I go back to Kuching! Well, not relaly one week la. Officially, I am only applying for 4 days annual leave. I think I will submit my leave request within this few days. At least, the bosses are aware of my leave plan. I wonder if I should also submit my leave for the Christmas holiday! HEHE! We booked our tickets already, go back Kuching on 24 Dec and back to KL on 2 Jan (Saturday). WAHAHAHAAHAH!!!

ERrr...looks like not so long also this posting..nevermind la. Will update on other things in the next posting...lazy to type liaw!

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