Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shopping and Plans!

Go or not? Go or not? Haiyaaa..I am so lazy la!! Big J-card sales here at 1u today and the crowd is really crazy. It seems that everyone is taking leave to go shopping. The place is super crowded. During lunchtime just now, after a quick lunch (so that give chance for other people to sit la), we went for a walk at the departmental store lor. It is the floor with all the kitchenware, bedroom stuff and electrical goods. Wahh, really scary la. Want to see something also keep get knocked around by other people there.

The worse is the queue to pay. There are many counters but hor, the queue is so long that it is actually snaking around all the goods on display. And for half hour, the line just moved about 2meter! Imagine that. The line can easily be 20meters! So, you can understand that why I am feeling lazy to go after work for shopping. Babe want to go. He say want to see the watch and men's wear! Can I tell him I wait for him outside with my book! HAHAHA! Yar, world upside down. Guys more interested in shopping than girls.

Well, the thing is, I know I have nothing that I absolutely need. So, whatever things that I get later would most likely be what I want. If it is something I need, I would have a shopping list for it right? The only regret I have is that I shouldnt have bought the microwave so soon la. Or else I could get at least 7 pieces of the RM10 vouchers from Jusco. Guess I know better la. Next time when want (note the word is want and not need) to get any electrical goods, wait for the J-card sale. (Am I confusing myself with the need and want? haha)

My next want is a stove. One of those modern ones, cant remember what they call them. But since I am not staying at my own place, i.e. still rented place, no point to get that and revamp the kitchen with cupboards and stuff. Although I really mengidam (dreaming) a really nice kitchen that some of the apartment at my place now have for rent. But the rental is easily RM100-150 more than the one we are renting now lor. So, not worth paying more just to get more storage place.

Anyway, hope to check out some baking trays and stuff. If can, want to see if have anything that I can use in my attempt to make the Sarawak Kek Lapis (Sarawak Layered Cake). So tempted after seeing all those colorful photos on some of the website. Hopefully, I can try to make some simple design. Of course, this is just say only. Dont know if I will actually bake the cake! Very time consuming and I been feeling very tired recently. So, if you see the photos, then u know I bake it already. If not, it remains a plan only lor!!


Rose said...

Weekend is coming so happy shopping, my dear!

JenJen's Place said...

ALAMAK! Cannot go shopping again la. Yesterday oredi spent n spent n spent! hahaha..tis wkend gonna stay @ home and enjoy.
U have a good wkend too!! :)

Ching Ching said...

KL also got Gawai Sales ar?

Wa!! It has been a long time, i didn't shop for unnecessary thing liao. Everytime, shop for grocery nia. :(

Dav DiDi said...

Wahhh .. shopping .... suddenly I keep feeling to shop laaa.. how to stop ?

JenJen's Place said...

Not gawai sales. J-card member sales,just like parkson member sale but bigger ^_^

Anyway, now is definitely not a good time to spend without control but sometimes hard to control..sigh

JenJen's Place said...

Hide ur purse with ur bf! hahaha