Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Randomly mumbling and updating

WOW!!! SUPER super super sleepy! Hardly ever feel like this in the old job. I mean, of course sometimes do feel tired and sleepy la. But never till like this lor. I feel like taking a toothpick and prop the eyelids up just like in the cartoon. My brain also feel fuzzy and super blur. And this mean that I have to force myself harder to make sure that I am concentrating on what I am doing. Maybe this is a sign of getting old? I remember the good old days decision making seems to be much easier and straightforward. OK, maybe not so straightforward but definite easier.

And mind you, I am not the only one feeling this way. Keebo and Sumo is also saying that they are feeling super tired and falling sick alot since working here. Maybe it is the air that we are breathing that is making us sick? Or maybe the office have some hidden toxic that we cannot see? It can happen right? People been breathing asbestos for centuries before realising that it is a cancer causing agent.

Not that I am saying that the office have all this lar. I am just analysing and trying to figure out why we get sick so often. It could be the hardcore whacking that we been going on. Eating all the unhealthy food! Maybe its time for me to go back to my salad and fruit diet again. Eating little or no rice. Small and light meals throughout the day. No pastries, cakes or ice cream. Raymond, wanna join me on this quest? No sundae ice cream! HEHE!

Anyway, I baked a cake during the weekend. Its a buttercake with creamcheese topping instead of normal icing. Then I sprinkled with cocoa powder to make it look nice la. The cake didnt turn out the way I thought it would, i.e. fluffy and soft. Instead, the texture is more dense and like some cakes, after one day, it turn more moist as the butter start to soak up the flour. Babe didnt really like it. So, didnt left any for him. Brought almost the whole thing to work to share (Share, NOT SABOTAGE OK!).

And just been informed by my boss that we will be travelling to Penang on Thursday,5am-ish flight to visit our vendor in Kedah on the same day. Spend the night there and then if need to, Friday morning go there again or else will go to another vendor on Friday morning. Then take the Friday 4pm-ish flight back to KL. Again, another rush trip but since boss is coming with me, I dont mind the trip being a short and quick one. Hopefully, we are able to get some good news out of the trip! (and hopefully I will be getting a happy news call soon too from my lil project)

Oh Yah!!!!!!! I also applied for my leave to back to Kch in Jul and it has just been approved! Will be going back on 2Jul 7pm-ish flight but my leave is only from 3-9 Jul. And I will start back work again on 10 Jul.. For those of you trying to figure out which day is that, it is a FRIDAY! And yes, I know its Friday when I applied for the leave. Purposely did that simply because it is a Friday! hahaha!!

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