Friday, May 29, 2009

Something unexpected happened!

I am in a hotel in Penang now. Waiting for 2pm to check out and go to the airport to go back KL. Yap, I am on business trip, again. Anyway, it was a last minute decision for the trip and a one day trip. So, thought it would be super rush 2 days trip. We (yar, we, boss and I) left LCCT on at 6.55am flight on Thursday and arrived Penang airport around 7.40am. When we got out of the departure hall, the driver was already waiting with a sign that writes our name on it. Since it was still early, he asked if we want to have some breakfast first. Boss said ok, so we went lor.

He brought us to a road side shop that serve mainly roti baker (toast) and soft boiled eggs. Later I found out that the shop is more than 30years old already, pass down from generation to generation. Frankly speaking, I don't taste anything different with the toast and eggs. (Sorry if I offended anyone yah!). Anyway, we left Penang at around 8.40am and reach the fab around 9.40am. Then the whole day was meetings meetings meetings and more meetings. Tiring and not much achievement from the meetings. The only thing that I am happy about is that my boss also finally understand that it is not me not working to get more capacity from the fab but it is really the fab cannot (or dun want to) give more capacity because they have orders 2x of their capacity!

We actually left the fab 2 hours earlier than the 6pm that we planned. 1 hour trip to reach our hotel, check in, then we went for early dinner (had assam curry fish head! YUMMY!) and walked for about 1km to look for atm machine. Then walked another 1km back to the hotel. Stayed in for awhile then I got bored and decided to venture out along gurney drive to see if I can find any durian! hehe..I saw a shop selling some when I was with boss walking to our dinner. But sad to say, I cant find any stalls at all after that. I keep seeing people eating durians along the seaside but no matter how hard I look, I cant find anyone selling durians! Anyway, plan to venture out again later to see if I can get some. But..ermm..will I get banned from boarding the plane from smelling like durian?????

Anyway, something rather interesting happened yesterday at LCCT. Since the flight was so early and we both have no check in bags, we have checked in online the day before. And I thought can go into boarding hall straight away since oredi check in online n me no check in bag. Who knows, when I tried to go into the boarding hall, the security guard therenicely informed me that I must go counter 68 to get the print out chop. Sheesh, like that might as well no need to check in online right? Still have to queue also!

Frustrated but no choice since I only have half hour before boarding, I went to the counter and queue..long queue. Suddenly I realised that this African young guy was staring straight at me, into my eyes in fact. First thought that came to my mind was that this guy was a student at the college that I used to work in last time. But as hard as I tried, I cant place him anywhere. So, since I dont know him, I break eye contact thinking he must have mistaken me for someone else. Or he is actually looking at someone behind me. Then he suddenly, he came close to me and say: ni heng piaw liang (That is in mandarin: You are very pretty). I think I almost fainted when I hear that and again, I ignored him because number 1, I am already very late and number 2, I dont entertain strangers. Again, I looked away and I heard him telling his friends she must be mongolian. (SHEESH!)

I think he somehow realised that I can speak English because suddenly he asked: Excuse me, do you speak English. Me being a nice kind person, thought maybe he wanna ask for help or something i say yes. After all, he was obviously a kid in foreign country and I was thinking perhaps he dont know what he just said in mandarin or something like that. But I think I should have continue to ignored him because the moment i said yes, he say oh good!! And started to ask me where I am from...I of course replied Malaysia. Being polite, I asked back, where he from, michigan, US.Tthen he say he is going to Indonesia to work and transit in LCCT, before that, he was working in China (which explain his attempt to speak Mandarin).

He also explained that he actually want to complain because AirAsia tells him he have to pay for his baggage again when he tries to check in at LCCT but his school tell him no need. And that he called his embassy for help and was promptly informed by his embassy that AA soldhim ticket illegally because apparrently he must have a ticket back to US from Malaysia tooor else it would be illegal. Intridging and I wished him all the best of luck to convince AA personnel that.

Then suddenly he say, If I have known Malaysia have such pretty girl like you, 1 would have come sooner. (OMG! SO CHEESY!!!). I have no idea how to respond to that and just smile and looked away. It is just such a lowdown cheesy pick up line that I just refuse to dignify it by answering. Then he continued again a minute later and said you are really a cute lil girl. ARGH!! Where in the world did this kid come from? Jiak lak!! And he just have to continue and say, being so cute, you must have lots of bf. By then, I was not only super late but I was really lazy to entertain a kid, so, I told him, I am married and that I am not lil anymore, I am >30 years old. And guess what was his response to that? An attempt to look cute by giving me a puppy eye look! GAWD!!!!!!

Thank god it was finally my turn at the counter. Geez, in a million years, I will never imagine myself in a situation being picked up by a young African-American. He must be what, in his early 20s? Simply not interested at all. If he had been a more matured, that would be another story! HAHA! But it was a good laugh and definitely a good way to start the day of battle with the fab! Good for the ego you know! HAHA!


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Sumuk said...

dunno why, but once in a police station, this Nigerian kid who involvd in an accident with Babai told me, "you look pretty and familiar, were you in a tv or something?"

guess what. I was in my pyjamas, just out of bed at midnight with my hair and face all out of place, being awaken by Babai emergency call! now that should tell us something..

JenJen's Place said...

HAHA! I think he is just a kid:P

JenJen's Place said...

HAHAHA!! Kids!!!!

Ching Ching said...

wow wow.... nice trip ha.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Chingx2,
Yar..the trip was ok. Good to get away from ofis but work still there n waiting :(