Thursday, January 31, 2008

My First Award

Gosh!! I almost forgotten all about this in my hectic schedule since I got back from my long holiday/training! My very first award and it is from Rose which awards me Treasure Blog Award. Ain't that sweet?

I know my previous posting about Turn Over a New Leaf had got many of my friends wondering what in the world is wrong with me. My colleagues are even telling me that there are occasions that we have nothing to do during our office hours and then it is ok to indulge in personal things at the time. As long as it does not effect the work performance, then it is ok.

Well, I guess inside of me, I know this is true and I totally agree with them. However, I do know my weakness. Whenever I attend any interview, the favorite question asked by the interviewer would be " Tell me your weaknesses". And I will always response that I am a perfectionist and I do not like to make mistakes. Yes, I know, we are human and it is human nature to slack a little sometimes and make mistake especially when you are trying to multitask.

So, dont worry friends (you know who you are^_^), I am not leaving my blogs totally (as you can see, new posting today:P). Just want to get my things and priorities aligned properly and slow down on this. Just I got over-excited at the prospect of earning additional income by doing what I enjoy, TALKING and BLABBING!!!


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