Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Turning Over A New Leaf

I have decided. I am turning over a new leaf starting immediately. I know 30 days has past for the year 2008 and people usually make resolution and leaf turning at the end of 2007 or beginning of 2008. So I am different. That is good right? What is the point of making resolution to change at the beginning of the year just because everyone is doing it? Wanting to change for the better should happen at anytime of the year, month, week, day or for that matter, time!

So, yah, I have decided to change from now onwards. Actually this sudden realisation was bought about by something stupid that I did that I will not even tell you about it in details (or else my secret of my stupidity & carelessness will be out!) Sufficient to say that this has make me stew and worry since Monday. So much so that I can't even get proper sleep throughout the night. I think last night I might even have dreamed of stepping on sh8t. All this headache and fear is definitely not worth it compared to the slacking off and doing personal things during office hours.

Yap, I am talking about my blogging addiction (oh and chatting too). Do not snicker and shake your head at this. Can you honestly tell me that you have not put aside something important just to upload post to your blog or blog hopping? Or admit that you put full concentration on whatever that you are suppose to do instead of 'multitasking' and blog at the same time? So, I will be brutal to myself and admit that I have been careless and not giving my 100% concentration to the task at hand and my work. For this, I am being 'punished' by having it biting my butt real hard...

So, leaf turning are:
1. Will not blog during office hours
2. Will not chat online (until after lunch at least)
3. Will not go blog hopping during office hours
4. Will clean/catch up with the backlog of my work before CNY holiday
5. Lost weight starting NOW for my end-of-year wedding

Ok, so I will have withdrawal syndrome again but like all addiction, it is a habit. I know I will overcome it if I am determine enough (and believe me, I am determine!). So, if you do not see updates from me occasionally, don't worry, I have not abandon my blog and new found blogging friends. I just need to prioritise^_^. Wish me all the best people!!!


Billy's Mom said...

Hi Jen,
I am sorry to hear about your trouble. Blogging addiction? Oh boy, trust me, you're not the only one caught in it. I know you will get over it,kawan. Good luck!

Rose said...

Hi Jen! Gosh! Now you make me feel guilty of blogging during office hours here! Maybe I should try to divide my time properly for my work and blogging well too!! :)

amei79 said...

I blogging at office hours too...Should learn from u, as a part-time blogger, then must avoid do blogging at working hrs.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
I finally got the courage to answer the comments under this posting. Yap, I am making myself to stick to my resolution. So far, no slip ups yet and I am proud of myself.

Hi Rose,
As my colleagues said to me, as long as it dont interfere with work performance, then it is ok. Just be sure to know when it does affect them. ^_^

Hi Amei79,
hhmmm...it all depend to the nature of your work n whether blogging affect your work performance. If it does not, I think it is ok just dont over do it or else your boss might not like it...