Friday, February 1, 2008

Shopping for CNY

wooo is not in!! She is talking half day off. Does this mean that the mouse can come out to play now that the cat is not around. hahaha...Actually, feeling abit unfair too that she can go off when she set the rule that there must be at least 50% workforce at all time in the department. Today, there is only 3 out of 5 person working. With her gone, the workforce is confirmed to be less than 50%. The law maker does not abide by the law that is set by them? But I dont care lar, as long as she is not here, eventhough I have plenty of things to do, I am still happy and less stressed!

OK! Enough my lady boss. Lets talk about CNY which is just less than 1 week away. Finally, starting to have abit of new year mood. Went to Everise right after work yesterday just to have a look see and survey. Of course, did intend to change window shopping to actual shopping if anything catches the eyes. Turns out that there were plenty of interesting things that caught my eyes. End up spending more than RM200 in less than an hour! hahaha.. yah yah, I know, WOMAN & SHOPPING!

Among the items that I bought yesterday was dried pearl mushroom. It is actually the normal mushroom but the size small and really cute. Just couldnt resist getting it. I can almost imagine how they will look like when I cook them in different dishes. Also bought 2kg of pistachio nuts which is mom's favourite. Also bought a few types of cookies too. One of it is the nice sugee cookie with icing topping.

Also 2 pkt of seaweed & 1 pkt of popiah skin to make the crispy seaweed popiah tonight (hhmm..which reminds me, I forgotten to buy a small brush. Will go get it later!). 3 different types of cookies and some preserved fruit such as preserved kiwi (very nice green), pineapple (my favourite), orange skin (dad's favourite) and plum. Keep on reminding myself not to buy too much or it will end up like last year preserved fruits. Most of them went into the tong sampah (rubbish bin).

Anyway, when I finally got home, turned out that mom & dad was also in CNY mood and went to Boulevard to buy some goodies too. So now, we have 3kg of pistachio nuts and 2 big packets of dried mushroom. Thank goodness other things that we bought are different ones. Now we have a pretty decent stash of goodies ready for CNY. Sort of anyways...there is still my baking!!

During lunch time just now, we just couldn't resist to go the Choice Daily supermarket at Tabuan Laru just to have a look. The supermarket looks so festive from the outside. Inside, I saw this really really nice dark chocolate from Australia called farm choc. Some are dark choc with milk choc filled with Australian wine, cost about RM7-8 which I think is pretty reasonable. It claim to have less than 30% carb and fat. So, I guess good for those on low carb and high protein diet. The supermarket also sell some rather interesting important muesli at reasonable price. I think I will get my supply from there next time.

Actually Choice Daily supermarket seems to have wide choice of imported items at reasonable but the more common stuff are pretty highly priced compared to other supermarket. I wonder if will be able to survive when Coldstorage open at Green Height soon. Oh well, more competition means better prices for poor consumer like me. So, I dont mind them having healthy (or even unhealthy ones like price war) as long as they keep the prices down.

Oh yah, by the way, I did see some dried pork sold outside Everise BDC for RM54-58 per kg. I didn't try any as I was rushing for time. But looking at it, it looks rather dry and tough. Not sure if it will taste good or not. I guess we get for what we pay. But if what we are paying is RM75 per kg, ermm, I rather pay for gold:P

Tomorrow will be going out with my friend to highlight my hair. Usually, I wont even bother to do that as I dont really like to put chemicals on my hair but the friend was able to get a discounted price from the rather reputable saloon. So, I thought, with the bonus given with our pay last month, I might as well indulge. So, tomorrow morning, 9.30am is hairdresser time. And then will be going to India Street to get some baking supplies to make my pineapple tart, momo (melting moments), cheesecake and horlick lapis.

Mom also just called to say that most of the supermarkets in Kuching will be open till midnight this few days starting today and TELLING me that we are going out tonight. So, while dad and bro go around to get their CNY clothes, mom, sis & I will be shopping for CNY goodies. Mom is looking for dried pork! Shall I tell her I am going to attempt to make my own using the recipe that I have?? hehehe..better not just in case I fail or am too lazy to make them!:P


Mariuca said...

Hola Jen, I have some awards for u! Happy weekend :)

Jen's Place said...

That is so sweet!!! 2 awards in one week.. I am sure a lucky gal! I pick the Forever Friends Award because I definitely know that I will enjoy being your friend forever^_^

mucks mucks! hugs hugs! Thanksss again!!! I am so touched.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Jen,
Look like somebody is already in holiday mood...hihi! Please don't forget to share your CNY baking and cooking pics yah.

BTW, yout got tag. Please check my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
Yah, finally in the mood and seems that most Kuchingnites are feeling that way too. Bro say sooo much traffic jam at all the shopping centres today.
OK. I will check the tag:)