Thursday, January 31, 2008

Live for A Reason

Live for a reason, that was the Table Topic for our Toastmasters Table Topic Contest yesterday. At the beginning of each year (some even at the end of the year) will start to decide on their new year's resolution. Some will have so many resolution or renewing their previous year resolution. Others might decided to make not resolution at all. Then again, what is resolution exactly? It is a set of goals that we want to achieve in order to bring meaning to our life, right? And hence, a reason for living.

Believe it or not, each and everyone of us live for a purpose. The reason for living might not be the purpose of life that the members of the society agrees with but then again, it is our goal in life that makes us continue living each day. A great example I believe would be the recent big boo-hoo about sex change by someone from our 'backyard', Jessie Chung. Jessie's goal is to be a girl and marry the man that she loves. No matter how controversial it was or how some members of the society might have shunned her, it is Jessie's believes that makes it possible for him to become her. And that is as good a reason for living as any. Love and self perseverance.

How about you? What is your reason for waking up every morning? Is it just to get to the job that you might or might not like? Or is it so that you can earn a living everyday doing what you hated but still doing it because you do not have a choice? Or do you wake up in the morning just because the society says that it is the right thing to do?

Well, let me leave you with this little quote that I heard from a friend, "Everyday is a new day but how whether the new day will be a good day or bad one is entirely up to your reason for waking up everyday to face the world".


Rose said...

Hmm, now you make me wondering what is the reason for living.....It would be good that the reason you stay alive and continue living is just for yourself. That would be good reason right?

Jen's Place said...

Whatever reason it is, as long as it is the reason that keep you going in your life and not leading towards destruction is always a good reason for living^_^