Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lazy weekend

2.5 months on the job. I am being optimistic and so far, things are looking up abit. The team is starting to trust me and 'remember' to involve me in their daily work activities. The AM is still trying her best to mess with me but I just ignore it. As long as things move, I refuse to play what she is playing, too bad then if she dont go with the flow. After all, she is still reporting to me and I am her boss! HAHA!~ *EVIL LAUGH???*

Nothing much happening in my life nowadays. Public holiday on Friday for Malaysia day. Didnt do much. Babe and I went to IKEA after our breakfast of tomato kueh teow at Alex stall. Was hoping to buy the baby's mattress pad but it is still out of stock. Guess hubby will need to go there on his own when I am back in Kuching next month.

Saturday, hubby had to go work half day. So, I did my usual Saturday thing when hubby had to work, i.e. send his uniforms to laundrette to iron, breakfast and home to cook lunch for us. But Saturday I didnt cook this Saturday. Instead, packed his favourite mixed pork porridge and bought half roasted chicken for babe since I had late breakfast, i.e. brunch! After lunch, we just laze around basically doing nothing and went to the night market at around 530pm to find fresh chicken wings for dinner. Deep fried those and that is what we had for dinner :)

Sunday, I am sweating all over actually. Hubby has taken the initiative to vacuum the floor without me nagging. So, me being me, cant just sit on my butt and let him the work, went around and help him pick up the things and tidying them. So, end up, I am now sweaty and hot eventhough it is going to rain soon. I woke up around 11am this morning and babe slept till almost 1pm.

I cooked fried rice, heat up yesterday chicken mushroom soup and wah lah, LUNCH! HAHA! My 4-legged monkey, aka Ginger also had her lunch and now she is lying down in front of the door to sleep as well as making sure that we dont slip out of the house without her knowing. All in in all, it is going to be a lazy Sunday I think.

We do plan to go out later though after the rain stopped to drive around and see if we can find any baby nursery near here or my work place. Only around 1 month left before I go back to Kuching....time flies...

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Mohka said...

Great news, thanks for sharing!