Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I must be a superwoman!

Yup! After all, in just 1.5mths since I join the company, I have been stabbed by my own subordinate and being accused (hinted anyway) by my boss that I am playing office politics and 'groups'! I never know people perceived me to be so terror and terrifying that from the get-go, they must 'hit' me immediately. If I am not the receiving end here, it would be funny lor!

But I think, in all this, I did make a judgement error and hope that it will not come back to bite me in my butt later. Anyway, like the famous saying goes, it is no use crying over spilt milk. Best is to make the best of the situation and move on. This really got me looking forward to my maternity leave. I am pending my MD to approved additional 30days of maternity leave/sick leave/ or whatever they want to call it on top of the normal 60days. Although, I guess they do not want to create a precedent unless they intend to make it policy to have 90days maternity leave across the board.

In the last 2 days, I have never feel so stressed in my entire work life! Normally, when starting a new job, I will be the happy go lucky one and is happy to wait till my boss give me further instruction. In the meantime, I will explore and learn on my own where I can. But it seems that here, it will be learning on my own all the way especially since the person that you thought will be assisting you and subordinate engage me in a power struggle. Well, too bad then because I am here and am here to stay. So, she need to get over it and work with me else be left behind at this status quo.

I also made up  my mind that I will just do my work to the best the I can, keep straightline and follow procedures and instructions from my boss. I rather not play this game. So much simpler and happier this way. I have always been a believer in good honest performance will be rewarded in the end. Got blindsided recently! ANYWAY, ALL THE BEST TO MYSELF!
Good thing it is public holiday tomorrow! So, can stay at home, sleep and do NOTHING! LOLZ! But hubby is asking, what we having tomorrow? On the happy note, the one-size-fit reusable diapers will be delivered to my office by Thursday! Cant wait to see it. Hope it is as cute as the photos in the website. Definitely will take some photos and post it in my baby blog!


琴宝贝 said...

baby, if you feel stress, why not find a better job?

JenJen's Place said...

haha...problem is I just joined this co 1.5 mths...won't look too good to resign so soon n give up? plus I nd to find a job 1st!

Sara said...

The only reason why am working as freelancer..i really didn't the office political drams. i almost worked for 5 years and shifted 5 company's and never satisfied with my boss or managers..
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JenJen's Place said...

Hi Sara,
I moved to KL 3.5years ago and so far, this is my 4th company :(

Wish I can go freelance or start a business of my own but at the moment, with so many things happening, just cant take the risk...

canvas art prints said...

You really are a superwoman!