Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another lazy weekend

Super duper tired today. Never known a person can be that tired. But I am not gonna bore you with the ache and groan here (that is for another blog related to the reason I am feeling so tired). Anyway, the weekend was a fruitful one.

We took half day off on Friday to settle a few things which need both of us to be there and sign. Will be extremely glad when we finally got this settled.

Saturday, babe and I woke up at 9am and had a lazy slow morning to get ready to go out for our 10am appointment at a nursery for our baby. After that, sent babe uniform to the laundrette for ironing and proceed to the gynea for my check up appointment. We also got the letter from the doctor for my company to state my EDD (estimated due date for those of you that do not know what the mean :P). After that, we finally went for our brunch ( more like lunch since it was 1.30pm by the time we had our food).

After that babe was planning to go to the aquarium in Shah Alam but changed our mind since it was starting to rain rather heavily. Instead, we decided to go back home. I slept from 4pm till 8pm!! haha! And babe I think he went to bed around 6pm till 9pm. And we had our dinner at 10pm! HAHA! Anyway, the main reason we took afternoon nap was because babe wanted to watch football match at 12.30am. So, I decided to accompany him. In order for me to be able to do that nowadays instead of dropping in exhaustion would be to make up for it by sleeping a few hours first.

But still, by 230pm, I am basically a zombie walking on stick....

Sunday, again, we woke up naturally around 9am eventhough we set the alarm at 10am because am meeting our friend, Tif for dim sum at Damansara Uptown. We arrived at the HK Dim Sum place at 11am and waited for a table till roughly 11.30am but it was worth it. The 2 boys (my hubby and her hubby) was being typical boys and complaint about having to wait for something that they have to pay for. But we gals stick together and got our own way (GRIN!). I am glad we did because the food was pretty good. (Sorry, too good til forgot to take any photos at all!! :P)

Then we went to 1U hoping to be 2pm ticket for Johny English but by the time we were there, only 3 seats left and we decided that it is not worth to strain our neck and pay for it! Instead, we took a leisure walk around the mall. Babe wanted to buy a soft lugage bag so that it is easier for him to bring with him on board the plane when we go back and he comes to visit us in the next few months in Kuching. The bag is pretty nice and cheap, RM49.90 and I think the quality is not too bad. Should be able to last pretty long.

I bought myself a nice dress and 2 huge pajamas pants at FOS. Bought three layer pork too at Jusco to cook dinner. I was actually hunting for Golden Churn butter spread but seems they totally remove the stock from the shelves. Too bad because its truly is one of the best butter in the market. But at least now we understand why the butter is so fragrant and yummy! HAHA!

We finally got home around 5pm and gave Ginger a bath but dinner was at 9pm lor! Now, watching Astro channel 551 on some lone ranger terorist attack....I am planning to sleep go to bed soon..cannot tahan la!!!! haha....


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Haha.. hope you got some good sleep!

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