Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 9, 2009 - HOROSCOPE!

My horoscope yesterday:

Your horoscope for October 9, 2009
The weightiness of the past few days seems to be lifting, and you will find that there is a slight breeze building up that will help to fuel your fire, Jen Lu. By having built a solid foundation, you have created a reliable launching pad from which to take off. Communicate what you have learned with others. Allow your opinion to be heard. A great deal of useful information will be exchanged.

I must say, this week has been a long but short week. Am I confusing you? Long because it seems that there are so much to learn and short because it seems that there is not enough time. It felt as if it has been decades since I joined this company but in actual fact only been less than 10 days. Well, today would be day-10 to be exact. How was it so far? Well, I can only say now I understand how this company can grow to 209,000 employees in over 60 countries! The group activities not only include business or profit making but also employee social well-being, safety and health as well as social activities.

I am involved in so many things on top of the daily activities that it is making me dizzy just thinking about it. But that alone would not have been a great task, challenging but not impossible to do since there are many guidelines from the group HQ. What irks me is actually despite being part of a big consortium, the processes and things are done, the daily task handling are still so primitive! And I can hear the exec keep sighing and banging her stuff around while going about her work (Not sure if this is for my benefit as the her new superior but definitely need to talk to her about that later).

I wonder if my manager is trying to 'cleanse' the department of oldies that simply cannot cope with the additional more challenging job requirement as part of a group. I seriously do not know but was informed on Tuesday that the prod planning manager is resigning. He has been with the company forever and decided to leave. The rest of us in the department are actually less than 2year-old and most are less than 1-year-old. Knowing my boss, he will most likely look for someone that have the drive and initiative to look for improvement to make things more efficient and effective.

I think we really need it. Looking at he complaints from customer the pass few months this year, some of the complaints are really due to really silly human error that if ever happen, should only happen once and not repeatedly!

Anyway, back to the horoscope, the weightiness lifting yesterday, how true. Because I actually see the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter and brighter with each passing days because I can see some things that I can do in order to make things more efficient! Yar yar, I know, I am crazy. It just work but friends that knows me will know that I can never just lie still if I can see something challenging but improvement that is within my power or knowledge to do. I think that is why babe sometimes say I am being silly for being so passionate.... hehehe.....


Rose said...

in other words, your hubby trying to say that you love your works (means you workaholic)and will do everything right.

JenJen's Place said...

Nope..he just thinks I am silly...hahaha