Saturday, November 7, 2009

I am here!

Hi! Yah, I am still here. Not abandoning my blogs. Just been really busy since the last one month trying to get use to waking up at 6am and leaving the house by 645am to get to the new place. I think some might remember that the official working hours of the new place is actually 8.30am but they too practice pretty flexi hour. However, since I am currently carpooling with hubby, we need to leave home early so that he can be at his workplace by 8am after sending me off to my office! Yah, that means I am actually at the office by 7.30am and again, way before anyone else there. 

Initially, I will send him to work and then reach the office by 8.30am. Then during lunchtime, go and pick him up and he drive me back to work after lunch so that he will have the car and pick me up and go home after work. Then, after a week, we realised that not only it is too much of a rush but also very painful on the petrol cost! So, since one of us had to sacrifice, I decided I rather go to work early than rush around during lunchtime. 

As much as I enjoyed the quite time early in the morning at the office, I will be glad when we finally moved to our new place end of the month. Then babe will be using his bike since that is only about 10minutes from the new place. And as for me, I will see if I still want to go to work early:P

Anyway, that is it for now. Super lazy to do much blogging! Maybe when we moved to the new place and have more time...maybe.. :P