Monday, August 3, 2009

Penang Trip (Part I) - The Room

Since we need 2 rooms, we decided to try the Vistana Residence 2-room service apartment. We are happy and regretful with our choice. Happy because it is really a wonder place if you need more than 1 room and this is definitely different from the normal 1-room-hotel. Regretful because we only get to spend one night there and spent so little time in the place!

When you go in, this is what greeted you. The simple and yet cosy living room. Only thing is not enough sofa. Would be good to have another 1 seater sofa too. And then the tv was just the small 21 inch tv. Guess we are spoiled because most hotels now have flat screens! haha. Anyway, still gave a good impression!

Go out the balcony that is behind the sofa, this is what greets you:

From the main door, turn left, you will see:

And look to your left again, you will see this:

There are 3 rooms. The master bedroom has a bathroom attached and king size bed.

The 2nd bedroom has a double size bed.
The final bedroom contain a single bed but was rather surprised because this room has no aircon, just a ceiling fan. Strange since the room is pretty big.

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