Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Short talk: Morning talk

SORETHROAT!! It started yesterday morning with a slight tingle in the throat and running nose. Then it progress to a really bad headache. Which leads to being told to drink 6 glasses of water in half hour to detox and get rid of the headache. Of course, this means that every 15 minutes for the next hour or so, I was running to the loo to relieve bladder. The good news was the headache did go away for a few hours. The bad news, well, it came back in the evening! :(

Anyway, this morning it got worse. Swallow also pain and lots of blister in the mouth. Nose are running slightly again too, sneezing too. Hopefully this wont progress to headache and fever. Seems that alot of sick people in the office this few weeks. Must be because of the weather and haze. Even my boss was down for 2 days since Monday. Hopefully I can survive thru today just in case the important call came in for the appointment after work came in. Hhhmm..any miracle cure or not ah??? Fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy....

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