Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hhmm..been posting lots of short talk recently here. No choice. Trying to grab every free time available and update the blog here and there. Been super busy since I came back from Kuching. The Friday after I got back was our quarterly staff meeting and as usual, I have lots of slides to prepare but before I can put anything on the slides, have to prepare the background reports first to generate the final numbers. I actually managed to finished everything by Wednesday but boss decided to add and remove some of the items (some a whole slide that took alot of effort to get the final numbers but I guess he is the boss).

Anyway, as I said in one of my previous posting, the quarterly staff meeting actually ends 1 hour earlier than the original schedule. This itself was really amazing because I have attended at least 4 previous such meeting and NONE of them ever end ahead of time (or even on time for that matter). So, I was happy about that and instead of going back, asked one of the colleague to drop me off at 1u so that I can meet up with an old friend, her parents and aunties. Have not seen her parents for a long long time. Used to be when we were in school as well as college, we will drop-by each other house alot and our parents know each other. I guess that is what we call good friends?

Yar, we have that many history together, since primary 1!! That would be roughly 15 years of friendship! WOW!!! Of course, I am always the one that is here again and then off again since my dad used to work for a bank that relocate him here and there to take charge of new branches. In the end, we did settled in Kuching but I was again relocated from Form 1 onwards and only finally back again in Form 4. After secondary school, we drifted apart and go our separate ways. I went for my Diploma in Accounting, LCCI for a year or so. Then fate threw us together again in our college years when I did my degree.

Of course the best time was when we were all in Nilai to finish our final years. Those was the days. Away from parents and doing whatever we wanted. Of course course work and assignments are completed (and with fantastics results for someone that skipped 50% of her classes *smirk* Ya ya..showing off! hahaha). Anyway, after college, we all went back to Kuching to try to search for our first job. Somehow I ended up in the education industry and she went off to KL. Lost touch for awhile (my fault..I admit) and finally got back together again when I came to KL to work. So, that is the long history cut short.

But I have move so far away from my original topic. I was actually going to talked about what I had for breakfast the last few days in the busy-ness of work. Before I gone back to Kuching, I usually will go off to mamak first before starting work since babe usually sent me to the office by 7.30am. (I start work at 9am). So, instead of going straight to work, I went to mamak, have my breakfast and read a good book. Generally taking my sweet time and relax.

But since I got back from Kuching, I have not been to the mamak in the morning. Well, ok, once but that was after I went to the office, did some work and one of the colleague, R did not bring breakfast because we had a loose-agreement the day before that we will go for mamak thosai that morning. So, as I was saying, no breakfast at mamak and too lazy to prepare breakfast from home and just dont feel like taking oat (as I should), I ended up having coffee and whatever cookies that the pantry have at the time. I actually managed to take a shot of my typical breakfast on Monday.
Super thick coffee with coffeemate
3-layer cookie with cream

I am really addicted to coffee! I must have one cup in the morning or else I wont be able to function throughout the day! Recipe to make the best thick coffee: 1 tablespoon coffee, 1.5 tablespoon coffeemate and 0.25 tablespoon sugar! HAHA! YAR, now you understand why I get such a buzz after morning coffee!


Rose said...

Dont tell me, that friend is someone I know too!! tiff?? :p I miss her too.

Dav DiDi said...

I had toast bread today

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yah, Tiff :)

Toast bread only??

RaiNboW said...

Wow.. Jen, how do u put watermark on ur photo? I wanna learn how to do that also...

JenJen's Place said...

rainbow..use the photoshop :)