Saturday, July 25, 2009

Food Diary

Thursday, didn't packed food for lunch since went swimming with K on Wednesday night and then dinner at mamak. So, no food to pack to work. Decided to go back to Lam Place to try the other dishes there. I ordered the loh lam mee simply because I can't resist the delicious photo they have pasted on the wall. The noodle came looking EXACTLY like the photo, 2 huge peeled prawn, 2 pieces of pork ball and a sprinkling of shredded meat and parsley, all this swimming in super thick mouth watering sauce. I ordered the set with is for RM12.90 and it came with the Loh Mee, pork ball soup and a cup of warm soya milk. The soya milk is great because unlike other places, it is not sweet and its thick enough that you can actually taste the soya milk instead of sugar water.

On Friday, since the doc gave me MC and told me to stay at home and rest, I decided to ransack the freezer to see what to have for dinner. Decided to cook something rather simple and soupy, pork leg with bittergourd soup. This is one of babe's favourite soup and I learned this from his mom and sister. Basically, it is pork leg (or meat or rib, don't matter which type as long as it is pork!) that is cooked in water filled that is flavoured by Tong Nam soya sauce. The recipe is super simple.

I pan fry the pork on high heat for short while just to make sure the meat don't fall apart after cooking in the soup. Then I add a whole bulb of garlic, 3-4 tablespoon of Tong Nam soya sauce and enough water to cover all the pork meat (if you like more soup, just add more water. No harm). Cook till the pork is almost tender and then add in the roughly cut bittergourd. Once the bittergourd is cooked, add salt and pepper to taste.

I also cooked some egg omelette with onion (or telur dadar in BM) to accompany this for our lunch today.

Then babe start to clean his aquiriam. I felt restless so start to rummage the kitchen to see if there is anything simple that I can cook today. Then decided, hhm..pancakes...even better, milo chocolate pancake!! (Babe didnt like the plain normal pancakes which my dad adore! I miss my dad ~>_<~ ). Anyway, the milo chocolate pancakes, the wonderful chocolatey smell that fill the kitchen, simply cannot descripe. You need to smell to know what I mean!

How to make? Very simple and fast. 3 scoop of flour, 1 scoop milo,2 spoonful cocoa powder, 1 spoon sugar and enough water to mix everything into a slightly watery batter (roughly 1.5cups). Once everything is mixed well, just pour one scoop onto the nonstick pan over small-medium fire. Once you see bubble forming on top, then it is ready to flip it to the other side for a shortwhile just to seal the other side. Then its done! You can have it plain like that or smear chocolate spread or kaya over it! DROOL!!!
Ok...enough liaw. I am going to take my nap now! :P

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Where u buy the Tong Nam soya sauce? Hard to get it here at west msia.