Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time flies!!!

Feeling happy since last week. All the hardwork and determination and self believe is paying off. I am finally getting feedback and response. At the speed this is going, I might just start to have good news by next week itself! Based on what I see, by end of Aug09, the big change will happen! What am I talking about? Not going to tell you all yet. Have to wait for it to actually happen before telling la.

Anyway, this weekend will be going to Penang with babe and one of my colleague. We will be driving down and intend to stop on the way for breakfast and whack when we in Penang. Going to meet up with another colleague and his family when we are there. So, definitely going to be a makan (eating) expedition. It will be babe first time to Penang! My colleague is even tell me that he will pick me up on Sunday morning to go to the wet market! I dont mind but I doubt babe and the gal colleague want to follow.

I know, I am crazy. Why go wet market. Well, I think it is cool and good way to find more local dishes that cant be found in KL la. Some more, I am also looking to buy some topiaco roots to try my hand at making the nyonya kueh (bingka ubi). We been on nyonya kueh eating spree this 2 weeks and the kueh is not cheap at all. 2 small slices for RM1.80! If make, I think the whole tray will cost less than RM10!!!!!

Sigh...can anyone help me to make the time go faster? Fastforward button remote perhaps!! haha

p/s: How to make the time fly? Throw the watch out of the high building and see time fly! :P


Rose said...

New job?? Promotion? hehehe! Look forward to your good news.

JenJen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
No no..better not announce anything till its confirmed! You know, no counting chicks till it hatches.

Ching Ching said...

baby making ar?

JenJen's Place said...

No OTHER project la..