Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things People Hang on Their Main Door

I know I just posted a super long posting already today but can't resist a little gossiping. I can't help noticing one door of one of the neighbour at the apartment that I am staying now. At a glance, we thought perhaps since she have two young kids, she is just teaching her kids but hanging up reminder at the door grill.
We didn't dare to stand at the door too long to take a better pic but even from this pic, can see alot of paper and stuff hanging on the grill. And on the door itself, alot of chinese amulet/charm (sp?). Anyway, since it was just the end of the ghost month/festival, this is hardly surprising right? But upon closer inspection, this is what we found written on the paper hanging on the grill:

It says:
Mind you own
Jangan jaga
tepi kain orang.

And someone has added the word:
Why not?

It says:
Do you pay any of my bill?
Private property
Trespasser will be prosecuted!

Don't ask me why like that or if she is unstable. I think maybe but I dare not find our. Later she amok and run after me with a cleaver how?? :P


Nick Phillips said...

LMAO! I think she's crazy but at least she made her point clearly :D

Rose said...

What a strange neighbour u have there, Jen. I hope I wouldnt run into her when i make a visit! :p

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Dun laugh too hard, she might hear u! :P

Yar, we all agree she is abit cuckoo or something but as long as she dun disturb the peace too much, we will leave her alone for now. I think this is what you call hanging your dirty linen in public?

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Dun wori, I am very sure u will get the chance to see her. Well, at least hear her! She shouts around the apartments (outside her apt) as if the place belongs to her.

dumb-baker said...

Wah! Interesting!!! But i think i will freak out if i have the chance to bump into you said, if she runs after us with a cleaver how? hahahah...u r funny Jen!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
Interesting? I think more creepy lar but since we are human being that is always curious, can't resist wondering why she is like that! We bumped into her a few times actually since tat is unavoidable but basically babe and I will say hi and walk away very very fast! hahahaha....

*blush* Me funny ah??

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
Will she say 'hi' to you too? or she will stare at you with her 2 big round eyes?? hahahahaa....
scary leh...

Jen's Place said...

Hi Irene,
Actually she said hi first and we mumble hi back and run! hahaha