Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rain Rain Come Tonite


Woke up with a heavy feeling in the heart today. I guess part of it was because I have to come back to work today but mostly is because of the dream that I had last night. I dreamt of Tommy again. I dreamt that I had to go away and say good bye to the dog that has been by my side since I was in college. He felt so real in the dream that I can actually remember touching is soft fluffy fur! Whenever I say “Let’s go!” to him, he will jump up with excitement and can’t wait to see where I will bring him. The last time that I said that to him was when I gave him away. How I wish I can hold him tight to me. He has one of those tough meaty huggable body that is so irresistible. D@mn, I miss him so much.

Actually, there were more in the dream after that, which when I think about it, was really depressing and scary. As with all dreams, one story fades out and another come into light. I do not pretend to understand what it mean but perhaps it has something with what babe said to me last night. His friend is telling him about a few hundred openings in one of the government agencies back in Sarawak which will be available is a year or two. And babe asked me what I think.

To be frank, I have no idea what to think. I would rather not think about uprooting myself again so soon especially when we just finally settled down in our new apartment and start to call it our home. And even if he accepted into the government agencies, it would mean that I need to start looking for work back home too. Some more, it might not even be in Kuching. Might be in other towns in Sarawak. How in the world am I going to find a job in a place like Sibu. Bintulu and Miri perhaps but not many MNC there that can afford the salary that match what I am getting here. Despite what some think, the cost of living in Sarawak is actually on par with here, i.e. KL.

Perhaps I am thinking too much when we are not even sure if it will even happen. Hard to believe that a silly little dream can make me feel melancholic and heavy hearted on a Wednesday morning! I should be feeling superb today actually because I will only have 3 work day this week, Wed, Thurs & Fri. And SK will be here again on Thurs till Saturday. After that, Rose will be here on Sunday for 3 weeks for her training. And the wedding plans seem to be going smoothly in Kuching. On our side, we have not gone out to look for studio for our wedding photo and gown renting yet. Guess we will need to do that soon though. But feeling lazy now!

Am so sleepy now! After 4 days waking up at around 11-12noon, I am really yawning away at my desk now. Am definitely looking forward to seeing my pillow and bed tonight! Guess I better tell you guys what I did during the 4 days break before I doze off! Let me see.

Friday, 29 Aug
We went to Tesco after work to get groceries and stock up the fridge. Cannot really remember what we got but the freezer is filled up again. Then went to the mamak near our place to eat.

Saturday, 30 Aug (eve of National Day)
Went to the MPH Warehouse sales while babe was at work. I bought 3 books for RM28 only! One is a book by Stephen King, hardcover sold for RM19 and another 2 books are RM2 and RM5 each but I can’t remember the author. I basically read almost anything especially when I am desperate for books, I just buy them since they are so cheap! After lunch and a nap, babe and I went to Giant Supermarket at Kelana Jaya. Wanted to have a look at the tv on sale that was advertised in the newspaper. Super cheap, 29 inch Haier for RM599 only and it is one of those newer models which was originally priced at RM749. After just a moment of hesitation, we bought the tv!

After paying for the tv, we decided to walk around, saw this really amazing looking bbq set. It is about 1 feet tall with cover and basically look like one of those that you can use to make smoke meat and stuff. There was actually another bbq planned for the next night at a friend’s place but not sure whether it will go on or not. At the spur of moment, we decided to just buy it and have a bbq that night and start calling our friends. We thought, since the bbq set have cover and we have that itsy bitsy balcony near the kitchen, we will try roasting our meat there. And if it gets too smoky, we will just move to the pool side!

Turn out this is one of those no regrets purchase because the meat came out really juicy and there was not much smoke since we can cover the thing up. The fire was really even as well although we were bbq lamb. Usually, when bbq lamb, the fire is rather hard to control because the oil drippings from the lamb fat will ignite the charcoal causing big fire. But with the lit, the meat was cooked rather nicely. Babe and I am talking about getting those hickory woods at hardware store to do smoke meat! Just imagining the smoked chicken, fish and pork is making me drool!

The party or rather gathering lasted till around 2am. And babe and I only finally sleep at 4am after cleaning up, shower and watch tv for awhile. So, Saturday night bbq and we got out tv!

Sunday, 31 Aug (YEAH! National Day!)
How did I celebrate the National day? Let me see…..Woke up at around 1pm (LOL!). Had American style brunch, toast+bacon+egg+sausage. Babe vacuum the floor (hehe!) and I mop. Then he wash the toilet without having me asking him to (ok ok, I hinted a few days ago that the toilets are very dirty). Then we went out to Carrefour,Subang at around 3pm since the other bbq was on and it is near Puchong. Were suppose to gather at the friend’s house at 3pm and we all go out shopping for the bbq stuff. But since there were so much food leftover uncook meat from Saturday bbq, we decided to just cook that one of the friend bought pork to add on. Bbq lasted till around 2am and by the time we home, it was already 3am. Shower and then sleep.

Monday, 1 Sept
Woke up around 11am. Lunch and tv. After that, we went to MPH Warehouse sales again since the first time that I went, I only had RM50 in my purse. If I had more, would have bought more books! Haha! We spent almost 2 hours there and paid RM94 for our 4 books. So, all in all, I have 7 new books plus another 2 more that we bought previously from Borders sales. Hence, total spent for books so far is RM122 and not including the 2 magazines that I bought. Thank goodness we can claim tax relieve for the books & magazines.

After that, we went out to Carrefour, Subang because we saw this tv rack that is really cheap, RM40 and looks durable. It was on sale and normal price is RM79.90 (I think). Anyway, we also planned to check out the dvd player as well since we have tv already! Then we walked around at the supermarket and bought some ingredient for my baking. Finally got the cream cheese, 1kg for RM31.50. A pretty lazy day actually. We really took our time and relax, very idyllic. I think the knowledge that we have additional one day off the next day makes us so stress free! We finally got home around 9.30pm, ate dinner at the mamak near our place again.

Oh yah, before that, we went to Don Sushi at Carrefour Subang since there was a promotion, 50% discount on all items on the conveyor belt. There was not much choice on the belt actually. I think due to the promotion, they actually only put selective items on only. So, it was not a very satisfying meal at all. Paid RM33+ after discount. Then on the way back, suddenly realised that if there were no discount, we will be paying RM60+ for those few non-satisfying plates of sushi! GASP! Better go Shogun or Saisaki lar!

Tuesday, 2 Sept
Initially, we planned to stay at home only today and just enjoy ourselves, also to catch up with the house chores such as ironing and cleaning. But the night before, we realised that there is a screen discoloration on the bottom left corner of the tv. Took the big heavy tv back to Giant Kelana Jaya and was told that there is no stock of the same model available at the moment. They asked if we want to wait or change to another model. We decided to wait since he said that the new stock will be here in a few days. Rather disappointed actually because I think they know exactly that the there is something wrong with the tv since the electrician did not even bother to turn on the tv and test to see where the problem is.

I guess they were hoping that we didn’t notice and the 7days refund policy expires, then we will be Haier problem instead of theirs. Of course, this is just my suspicion and I can’t proof it at all. But I guess at least they are very prompt and the customer service is really good, efficient and polite. And didn’t deny that there is problem with the tv. If they have argued with us, I was prepared to fight and have war with them. Am I scaring u? hehehe

After returning the tv, we thought we might as well go to the Ramadan stalls at Kelana Jaya. I heard that the Ramadan stalls here are pretty good. Turn out, there is not much things that is different during at these stalls compared to normal night market. Abit disappointed actually. Babe and I just buy 1 packet of nasi lemak ayam merah, 1 packet of nasi briyani kambing, 1 stick of ikan tenggiri that is wrapped in pandan leave (something like otak-otak but the shape is cone) and 1 packet of soya drink (which was super sweet!). On top of that, it rained rather heavily while we were walking halfway through the street and had to power walk back to the car for umbrella.

We rushed home after that as we don’t want to be caught in the after office hours jam. Managed to reach home around 5.30pm. Although we only have the tv for a few days, the apartment felt weird without that big noisy box in the living room. Babe keep on giving me loud sigh while looking at the empty tv rack! The dvd player look so lonely sitting there too! What terrible tv addicts we turn out to be! HAHA! Hope it will be back this weekend or else babe will be giving me even louder sigh.

Feeling super drowsy.The sky outside looks like it is going to pour really heavily soon. The best kind of weather to sleep!! Nevermind, today is already Wednesday,halfway thru the week liaw!!!


Dav DiDi said...

Places like Miri and Bintulu is rich with petroleum .. can apply for oil and gas company there ... and the gaji would be just like what you have or even bigger..

Jen's Place said...

Hi Didi,
You forgot, I dont have engineering backgrd. Rather hard for them to hire me....

Anyway, that is for another 1-2 yrs time lor. But I enjoying myself here mar!

Nick Phillips said...

You weren't kidding when you said it was a super long post, ya? By the time I reached the end of the post, I forgot what the top half was about ... LOL! I'm getting old la Jen :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Got lots of catching up to do, 4 days worth! So, you can blame me for blabbing on and on till I lost track of myself! hahaha!