Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am starting to hyperventilate again just thinking about 29 Dec 2008! I called my bro yesterday to ask him how the discussion between both sets of parents on last Friday was and what the conclusion was. He basically told me that we will need two cars; one is the normal car with ribbons on the door that send the groom to church from the groom’s house. Another would be the main car with the full decoration and ribbons on the car which will be picking up the bride (me lar) from our house to church. After church, we change and then proceed in the main car with the entourage to my house for tea ceremony and lunch. Eh friends, don’t disappear after church. Everyone is supposed to follow us to my house for tea ceremony and lunch after that.

After the tea ceremony, basically it would be free and easy until time to get ready for dinner reception that night. But I think I won’t have much time to rest. Most likely will be going to the hair saloon to wash out the gook in the hair and get it set for tonight.

There are also a few things that babe’s mom need to do or something like that lar. I also don’t know what. Have not asked in detail yet but I read on the Chinese Wedding Guide ( that it is the tea ceremony gift set. Not so sure what this is lar but will ask more I guess. I also found out that the tea set is purchased by the bride’s parents as part of the dowry.

Other than the general details, nothing is arranged yet! Babe just only thought of who to ask to be his best man. And as for me, I only just asked DD to be my bridesmaid but what these 2 suppose to do, I don’t know wor. I know we need to rent a tux for the best man and a gown for my bridesmaid. Best man would be easy because he is here in KL and we just need to rent him a jacket. As for the bridesmaid, she is in Kuching! How to get here to try the gown and make sure it is the right size? Do I rent it for her here or perhaps should ask her to rent in Kuching! OMG!

Even the DJ/MC for the night is not fixed. Not sure if we will be having a band or just DJ with karaoke. Wedding card is also not ready, not even selected or planned. I always assumed that the restaurant will be providing x% of free wedding invitation card in the package. Most restaurants after certain quantity of tables, they will definitely give a lot of freebies. But it seems that this restaurant that our parents chose does not have that. Or perhaps the restaurant is just bullying the elderly, i.e. since they didn’t ask, they don’t tell. I heard that the package does not even include the usual free flow of soft drinks and Chinese tea. What kind of package is that?

We have not even started looking at the bridal shops here for gown/tux rental and wedding photos! I know I know, it is already September and the photo need to be taken at least one month before the actual event itself. On top of that, also need to go hunt for the accessories such as shoes, brassiere, corset, jewelry, etc. Speaking of jewelry, we have not even got about to look for our wedding rings! How last minute everything is! LOL~! I heard the worse is looking for the right shoes. Hhmm, 3-4 gowns mean 3-4 pairs of shoes??? I already have some idea how I want the wedding gown to look like but hopefully it suits me.

Oh yah, also not yet book our airticket back to Kuching!!!! I was waiting and hoping that AirAsia will have their special end-of-year promotion but I guess if they don’t have them by this month, I better book our ticket or else sure expensive! I checked online today and found they have promotion from now till the 14 Sept for travel in Nov till 14 Dec (I think). If after this promotion, there is none for year end, then for sure no more promotion. At least AirAsia is still cheaper than MAS. I can get return ticket from KL –Kch for around RM400 per pax. So, both of us would be RM800. If MAS, it would be RM700+ per pax, ALMOST DOUBLE!!!

What else? Hhmm….suddenly thought of the fact that after 29 Dec, I will be calling babe’s mom as mom too instead of auntie. And babe will be calling my parents pa and ma…… WAHH!! I hope I can say the word out. You know lar, already so long say auntie, suddenly need to call mom……weird mar!!!!!


Nick Phillips said...

It's never easy planning for a wedding, ya? Just go with the flow Jen, go with the flow ...

I'm sure it will all turn out well in the end :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
WOW! U r fast! I just posted that a little while ago!

I am trying to go with the flow. Finally started to feel excited esp since the church n venue is pretty much confirmed. Just need to get my guest list out!