Friday, September 5, 2008

CS = People Person?

Babe: We have a BBQ on Saturday.
Jen: Oh, why? who?
Babe: House warming of XXXX.
Jen: Ah? So far....
Babe: Silent
Jen: I don't want to go can or not?
Babe: So funny lar you. How can say don't want to go..
Jen: Silent

And that is how I ended up having another bbq for tomorrow night. It is not that I don't like bbq but I am feeling lazy because I know the bbq will only end way after midnight. After that, need to drive so far to get back to our home. Definitely not looking forward to it lor. Furthermore, they are babe's friends mostly mar. Although I do know and am pretty close with some of them, but somehow, I can't really click with their wives. Sigh~

I am the type of girl that somehow always seem to be able to click better with guys than girls. I am not very sure why. I just don't have much things to say to their wives. As much as I want to make meaningful and interesting conversation with them but nothing seems to come to mind. Perhaps we have not much in common, the wives and I. But I try lar for babe's sake. After all, I am sure there will be plenty of such gathering in the future.

Actually, although I am a customer service person by profession, I realised that I am not really that comfortable with strangers during social gatherings. On the job, I am perfectly fine to walk up to a stranger and have conversation or discussion. Somehow, when it comes to small talk, I am just lost. I would prefer to sit, listen and assimilate the details of the conversation between people around me.

Despite this, I enjoy working with people. I know I am contradicting myself but hear me out. I think when there is a sense of purpose, such as helping others, achieving targets, making something work and so on, somehow drives me to excel and motivate me to work well. This can be very tiring sometimes because you will need to put yourself in the other person's shoes before you can fully understand the person.

I can remember very well an incident while I was working in my first company. I remember receiving a call from the receptionist telling me that there is a very angry father at the lobby and if I can help. So, I went down, not knowing what is going on and saw a red faced man in his 50s perhaps with a young man, obvious just finished his secondary school. Turned out one of our marketeer was giving false promises when they were on their roadshows.

Basically, the moment I asked him to tell me what is the concern, he immediately start ranting and getting louder. I find that when dealing with irate parents or guardian, the best is to let them talk and let of their steam. At the same time, listen to what the true grievances are. The father, having come all the way from a far away town, was really angry when he was told there is not such offers. And if he would like to have any extras, he will have to pay for them.

So, the immediate course of action? Admit that there was an error and misinformation. Requested the head of marketing department to meet us in the counseling room and explain to the father clearly and exactly what we offer. Apologise again for misleading him and causing him to come all the way to the college. And provide him the next best solution, explaining the pros and cons.

The father was much calmer after that and basically he decided to enrol his kid into the program anyways as he truly felt that it is what the son needed. Although we were not able to give the extra perks and so forth.

So, as I was saying, the next time you met an irate person and insist that you are wrong, let them talk all they want first and let off steam. While they are ranting, listen carefully and try to get as much information as possible. No matter what, do not look as if you do not care. While listening, show your interest and concern by nodding or asking useful open ended questions. The whole idea is to let the person release his pent up frustration at the same time, you gather as much detail as possible, i.e. killing two birds with one stone!

GOSH! I am turning philosophical so early on a Friday morning! Anyway, as I was saying, I clicked better with guys but luckily I was able to find a few good gal friends in my lifetime (U know who u are lar) . OK lar, I better stop here and start early on my work at hand! HEHEHE!


Nick Phillips said...

Hey Jen, look at it this way, your babe must love you so much that he wants you by his side at all times :D

Imagine if he's the kind who doesn't take his other half places at all. I know a few men like that.

But I know what you mean, I tend to drag my wife for all my gatherings even though she not really close to some of them ... :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
OK, put it that way, I guess I shud be counting my blessings. But but but but........I really dun feel like going ~>_<~

Where got fun like that? Sigh~! Ok, I will suck it up n act as an adult..... for now~