Sunday, September 21, 2008


PHEW! What a weekend! Met up with Rose at Kelana Jaya station and we proceed to our friend stall at Taman Megah for Laksa Sarawak and tomato kueh teow and crispy noodles. Sat there for about an hour while waiting for another friend, T to meet up with us there before we go off to ss2 area for bridal shop hunting! We started hunting at 2pm and only finished at about 5.30pm. Three and half hours and guess how many bridal shops we managed to go to? THREE! Yup, only three!! How can that be???

Negotiation and testing of the gown and so forth, on average, each shop takes about one hour. And let me tell you, it is super exhausting but was finally, able to find one that is reasonable and more gown choices. Not an easy task especially for someone like me :( . Haiyaaa, Didi, regret didn't continue with aerobic now ....

Anyways, all the three bridal shop prices are pretty similar for the package that we are looking for. I guess you say that the price are reasonable. The difference is the extras/freebies thrown in as well the the gown selection. Basically, almost decided already and will be taking this package at Love Vision Bridal Shop. Reason for selecting the place? The price is ok lar and package is pretty standard but the gown selection and profesionalism impressed me though.

The package is something like this:

On photo shoot day:
2 wedding gown
2 evening gown
2 costume
photo album x 2, 1 slightly bigger than A4 (25 post) and another is A4 (20 post) all 45 is different post.
3 table top with frame
1 5R + leather frame for table top
60 pcs 3R (5 post) size for postcard
1 big wall pic (I think it is 20 x 30)
1 outdoor photoshoot at PJ or KL area and the rest will be either in the studio garden or in the studio itself.
Also inclusive of Hairdo, hair spray, makeup, hair color, accessories, flower bouquet
DVD with the touch up photos (45post)
DVD with slide show, 30 post and 1 song

unlimited coat to match the gown

(Photoshoot exclude: eye lashes-RM30 and ampulse-RM30/bottle)

Actual wedding day (This is for me to bring back Kuching for the ceremony):
1 wedding gown
2 evening gown
2 coat (1 for groom and 1 for bestman)

Total damage: RM3188

There is a package for RM2388 and the only different is the photo album. The album will be 1 x A4 size with 25post and a smaller album (I think 4 or 5R) with the same post as the big album. If want both to be different post, then need to add RM800 and they will upgrade the album to 1xA4 size (20 post) and the other one is slightly bigger than A4 (25post). But based on recommendation from Rose and T, they say might as well choose 2 album with DIFFERENT post because it will be so difficult to just choose 25post. Everything seems nice! hahaha...

I know, over my initial budget by about RM1,000 and I was thinking actually of just the RM2388 but babe said just go for the RM3188. I was thinking since the only different is the photo album and the number of post can select mar. But seems that babe don't think so and better just spend the extra lor..... I think he is secretly excited but pretend not to be! HAHA! After our teabreak/early dinner, he even ask what next. More bridal shops hunting? *PENGSAN*

Well at least that is one thing settled. Everyone that we talked to at the bridal shops are surprised that my wedding date is so near and I am just starting to hunt for bridal gown and taking photo. Apparently, it will take at least 1-2 months to get everything done. So, assuming that the photo shoot is early Oct08, I will only be able to view them in 2-3weeks time. Then choose and they will then make it into the album and photo frame. Then collect it early Dec08. Super rush lor but nevermind lar. Not too late *GRIN*

Photoshoot itself will take a day. Hopefully, there will still be empty slots on Saturdays or Sundays. If not, I will need to take 1 day unpaid leave for this. Which reminds me, I have not submit my leave request for my two weeks leave end of year yet. Although, I did inform my immediate boss and the purpose. I guess I am procrastinating because I know that the moment I submit my leave form, basically, the whole company will know! Not keen to let everyone in the company know yet lar, SHY MAR!!!! BLUEK!

I still need to look for my bridesmaid's gown. Most likely need to ask Didi to look in Kuching since the gown at the bridal shop are made for bride and not suitable for bridesmaid. Must remember to ask T to recommend some place. Or, if I find something here that I think looks good, I might just buy them here. I keep having this vision in my head for Didi though. A thigh length babydoll dress made of soft satin in either off-white, ivory or soft/pastel pink! I think something like that will cost around RM100-200? Hei, Didi, what do you think?

Also need to look for something to wear for the tea ceremony at my house. I wonder what I should wear? Something simple right? But definite NOT CHEONGSAM! NO WAY! Hhhmm..another dress? JIAK LAK, more $$$$$. Not forgetting back in Kuching, other than the wedding dinner reception bill, got the car deco bill, the makeup and hairdo bill, the church deco bill, liquor & beer for wedding dinner and the list goes on!

And also hunt for shoes. (Us gals and shoes, one of the most important thing in our life ok!) This will really depend to the wedding gown and evening gown. If the wedding gown is ivory, cannot get white mar! If it is white, cannot get ivory or off-white! And if dinner gown is maroon, cannot get blue shoes right???? Or if it gold color, cannot wear silver color shoes mar! Hopefully, won't face the headache I hear my friends faced in their quest to hunt for the perfect shoe. I hear there are some rules that cannot wear strap-y shoes and must wear cover all. I hate those kind of shoes!~

Thank god the gown I saw so far does not need me to get my own corset since the pattern is corset style. And no accessories needed since all will be provided and matching stuff,etc. Babe, I am looking forward to see you in all white! My prince charming in white and me in the wedding gown with super long train! WAHH...already dreaming....(sure nice sleep and dream tonight. Not even my sadistic bigman can spoil it!)

In all this, babe surprised me with one thing. I thought he won't have any opinion and be very bored following us, 3 gals hunting for gown. But he actually said for church wedding gown, must have those with long train! Abit only not enough. Long train than look nice walking down the aisle at church!!! WAHH!! That mean that he actually ever envision how the wedding will be! I always thought it is only the girls that dream all this thing. Never know my babe is SOOO ROMANTIC! MELT OR NOT? :P

Oh yah, another thing to remember for those that goes for bridal shop hunting with the intention to try the gowns, make sure that you wear your nicer bra and panties! And, prepared to expose yourself (top lar) to the lady there who will be helping you with the gown! I know, I know, they must have seen more than their share but they have never seen mine mar! EMBARASSING OK!! But I can foresee more 'man-handling' during fitting session and photoshoot. *SHAKE HEAD & SIGH* The things that we gals endure for the most important day of our live!


Ching Ching said...

Wah.. Can't wait to your wedding ceremony. :)

dumb-baker said...

wakakakaka!!! The lady will probably stoned there envying your assets!! Hey, you should probably post up some pics of yourself in your stunning wedding gown...and we can all envy! Haha..

Nick Phillips said...

It's expensive getting married, better to remain single or live in sin ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Chingx2,
I am finally getting excited! U know lar, the rest of the stuff, the parents in kuching plan bah. So, finally look for wedding gown etc, start to feel the mood lor...

Jen's Place said...

Hi Baker,
*BLUSH* I think she more like she stunned with the fat hanging :P

Err...see first if I post wedding photos here or not. Shy mar!

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
I dun mind living in sin until we wanna have kids lar but the parents ....u know lar...

Anonymous said...


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Best regards,
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Jen's Place said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for the tip! Will check the website out.

By the way,congrats!

Dav DiDi said...

Hhhmmm .. what should I wear ah ?? I also don't know wor ..

Who is T ??

Hhmmm ... I guess something simple kua .. can it be found in shopping complex ?? Hahaha ...

Sandals too .. to match the dress .. Hhmmmm ... Or shall we wait till you come back and we go shop together ?? Hahaha....

Billy's Mom said...

When is the big day, Jen?

Jen's Place said...

Hi Didi,
Dun wait till I am back in Dec ah! U shud start looking now. And I will look for my stuff here lar in KL, more choice mar :P hahahah

u sound more excited than me lar! ^_^

Jen's Place said...

Billy's mom!!! MUCKS!! MISS U!!!!
It will be on 29 Dec 2008. So rush kan? Tapi apa nak buat. Ibubapa say must have church and dinner...

twosuperheroes said...

wow...the date is drawing closer and closer now. I'm sure you'll look really beautiful! :)

Jen's Place said...

Hi 2superheroes,
GASP! Yar, the date is getting closer and closer..

Billy's Mom said...

Thanks Jen. Yes! End of the year is the best time for a wedding! I am so excited for you. Congrats in advance gal!


Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,