Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Will You?

I was telling my friends in Kuching that I am finally getting excited about the wedding in Dec. I mean, I was excited when we first decided we will go ahead and do the full thing, i.e. church & dinner reception. But then, after that, since everything was planned by our parents in Kuching, we basically don't really feel very involved. It is as if we are invited guests, albeit, the guest of honor but just am not so excited yet.

I guess that is why I been putting off my exercise regime and eat without much care (GRIN!). But after the bridal shop hunting and gown testing, I suddenly realised, Oh MY GOSH! I am going to call babe my hubby! And eventhough after more than eight years of dating and living in sin (as Nick said) for about four months now, the novelty of calling him as my hubby/husband, well, it just feel super romantic and sweet! Am I crazy or what?

I wonder he feels the same about this too. I mean, when he want to talk about me to others, eg his colleagues, friends, relatives, he will have to say 'my wife'. *grin!* But that babe is really such a tease because when I asked him, he said "I will tell them you are my sister!"..GRRRR! HAHA! Ok, ok, I am being silly and bore you guys enough will all this day dreaming.

*Yawn* Such a beautiful weather to sleep this morning. The sky is cloudy and I bet it will be fantastic to laze in bed under the blanket with absolutely nothing to do. But nowadays, even weekends, my brain refuses to shut down and leave work alone. So stressed up that I am even starting to dream about it. But I learnt something new to release the stress!

Yesterday evening, I left my laptop in the office drawers. Purposely don't want to bring it back because babe and I was planning to go 1U to take our passport size photo for our wedding registration form submission. Let me tell you, the feeling of going home without that heavy burden at my back was really good! I mean, most of the time except weekends, I will not on the laptop eventhough I brought it home with me.

But I guess just having it with me in the evening makes me feel all stressed up because I keep wondering if I should take out the laptop to do a little bit more work for the day. So, instead of that, unless there is absolutely something that I must complete, I will not bring the laptop back during weekdays. Just going to leave it here and go back. And if boss make noise, then too bad lor! HHMPFF!!


Sumuk said...

btw, have u book the day of ur studio photoshoot? i heard from forum that it is advisable to do it on weekday cos weekend might have few other couples. this will cause a longer waiting period and it will be tiring, and more couples for the bridal to give attention to. who knows it will affect the outcome of the photo oso. just a suggestion. thnks.

Nick Phillips said...

I'm sure he can't wait to call you his wife ... :D

Jen's Place said...

Hi Sumuk,
We did think of that too but not sure if we have anymore leave to take since we are taking 2 wks off end of yr. But since got wedding leave from company, maybe we have extra :P haha

Thanks for the suggestion! When is ur wedding ler?

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Secretly, I think so too but he always like to pretend he dont care..:S

Rose said...

Jen, nice to catch up with u last week. And very fun to see you parading in all those beautiful gowns!

My advice: just relax and have fun!

Jen's Place said...

Hi dear,
I had fun too but frustrated also lar! But anyway, glad tat is done and over with. So,next is the photoshoot! Hope the photographer is kind type and not the jacky studio personality type..pengsan later