Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blue Sun? Gold Me?

Was watching Outer Limits with babe last night on Sci-fi. It is an one hour series marathon, starting from US-time 7pm till 4am. There this one series that really get to me and I just can't stop thinking about it. The series started off with a guy in college/university working as a lab assistance trying to decipher sounds that was recorded coming from outer space. Apparently he has been working really hard at it but nothing seems to give. As all workaholic, he just had to bring his work back home.

Back home, his younger sister stumble on the tape and was simply capitivated by the 'music' the tape is making. To her, it is the most beautiful piece of music she ever hears and can't understand how come her brother can't hear it. She actually fell asleep listening to the tape. The next day, she took the tape along with her to school and played it in her bf car. And the bf too heard the 'music'.

Now, the brother was really angry that his sister took his tape becuase he need it for work. He went to his sister school to take the tape back but discovered that others in the school, teenagers, can hear the so call music too. The sister and bf simply refused to return the tape to him and actually turn violent when the brother attempt to take the tape out of the player. The school principal actually had to threaten to call the police as the crowd is getting bigger.

To the surprise of the principal, the teenagers just left the place peacefully like the mice following the piper. All left and congregated in an abandon warehouse, dancing and swaying to the music. That is how the brother found his sister. He realised that the sister have something shining and metalic growing on her face and everyone else that is there. He finally found the source of the music and turn the player off.

Chaos took off the moment the music is off and the teenagers, his sister included, were writhing in pain. Everyone was taken to the hospital and quarantine. CDC was called to investigate the large number of outbreak. The brother suspected that it is the music that is changing his sister and everyone else. Luckily, he managed to convince his father and all other doctors. After some checking, there seems to be outbreak elsewhere in the world too because the brother has sent a short stream of the music to his friend in Japan.

This really puzzle the doctors because only those below 20s or in their teens seemed to be affected by the music. It seems to have no effect on the adults at all. But they discovered that it does affect those between the age of 20 to 24 but at a much slower rate. The doctors tried everything to reverse the effect including playing the tape backwards. But that only makes the pain worse and some actually died. They have tried this with the sister as well but her sister was in so much pain that her heart stopped beating.

Nothing the doctor did is working to revive the sister. Finally, the brother just couldn't bear to lost his sister and so he played the music again. Amazingly, the sister actually woke up and said, "It is ok. I am ready for the change now". That is when the brother realised, perhaps the music is not an act of war from outer space.

To make the story short (I can hear sigh of relieve), it turn out that our sun is turning into a blue dwarf that will emit high level of UV light. Under such intense UV, no living things including human can survive more than few hours after exposure. But the music is somehow making all living things stronger by changing the structure and somehow, are able to withstand the sun killing rays. The CDC is finally convinced that someone somewhere out there is actually trying to help them.

CDC managed developed a hormon that allows everyone who cannot change naturally to change too after taking the hormon and expose to the music. The change is a layer of metalic like layer that covers the whole of the skin making the new human hairless with a gold color hard layer of skin. The sister throwing away her makeup and comb since she no longer need them. The father chose not to change though and he had to stay indoor for the rest of his life. The story ended with the sun changing from bright red to blue and the sky around turned into reddish purple color.

This really got me pondering. The research done by scientists all around the world does indicate that our sun will one day turn into a blue dwarf and will be emiting harmful UV rays. Although this will not happen in a long time and definitely not in my lifetime, but it does make me wonder, when it does, are we ready for it? Will there be a kind alien race that wants to help us? Or do we just learn to adapt and go underground?

I guess I will never know. Like I said, Life is simply too full of surprises and it is waiting for our discovery. Open your eyes and look around. Live wisely but fully! HUGS and KISSES PEOPLE!! MUCKS MUCKS!