Monday, August 4, 2008

TMPoint/ Streamyx CHEATING ME!

I am getting more and more irritated with streamyx and TMPoint! I received the latest Streamyx bill that shows I still owe RM608.50 when I have actually already paid RM396.40 via the internet on 21 July 2008. And if you do the math, if they deduct what they are suppose to deduct from the bill, i.e. RM396.40, the balance is RM212.11 for Jul08! What in the world! That is RM100 more than the package that I subscribed to, ie. RM110 for the ef-fing 1MB package! Yah, I am starting to swear!

I called up 100 number to check and make sure that the bill is accurate. The line went though easy enough but after selecting the language, the computer asked if you want to check for directory press 1, for streamyx or internet press 2 and for celcom-something press 3. I pressed 2 and then absolute silence! Irritated, I called up the call center (03-22971299) and asked. The girl who answered the phone *shake head*! She was not rude but seems to be in a hurry to put down the phone! I have not even finished asking my questions, and she keep on want end the conversation! GEEZ!

And what I found out? That I have to ef-fing go down to the ef-fing TMPoint again! Let me list down what is in the bill for you:

Butiran Lengkap Panggilan STD - RM1.00
Talian Telefon – 4KM - RM25.00
JUMLAH - RM26.00
Jen: What the ef-fing. The whole idea of getting the RM110 package is so that this month rental charge is INCLUDED in the RM110!!

From To Explanation
14 Jul 22 Jul Talian telefon – 4KM RM6.58
15 Jul 22 Jul Talian telefon – 4KM RM5.75
15 Jul 22 Jul Talian telefon -4KM RM5.75-
Jen: What the blardy h3ll is this?????

Nilai Mesra Panggilan Tempatan RM0.96-
Jen: Giving me 96 cents and charging me ef-fing more than RM100????


Jumlah caj kena cukai RM32.58
Jumlah Cukai RM1.62
Jen: WHAT??????

Then hor…under TALIAN TETAP
From To Explanation
02 Jul 22 Jul TALIAN TELEFON-4KM RM16.44
02 Jul 22 Jul TALIAN TELEFON-4KM M16.44-
22 Jul 23 Jul TALIAN TELEFON-4KM RM0.82
Jen: This is the thing that got me really mad! When I asked the call center what this is since I obviously didn’t lost anything! She told I need to bring the phone set back to TMPoint, fill in a form and adjustment would be made in the next bill! What the EF-FING!!! I asked, how come the person that came to install our phone never told us and if I am not mistaken, he did not leave us another phone set! The girl response, oh, the TMPoint would have told you when you terminate or request for phone line transfer! I really really wish I am the swearing type because I am really mad. Not only was I not informed when I submit my transfer request, I think this is a super duper STUPID thing! Why in the world do I need to go to the stupid TMPoint AGAIN! Shouldn’t there be a system that when the person install the phone, he can actually select whether we use a new phone set or not? And what in the world are the rest of the charges for?????

Then on the next page
Jumlah caj kena cukai RM1.82
Jumlah Cukai RM0.09
Jen: Minimal amount but DOUBLE CHARGE??? What in the world is going on?

Finally is see: Yuran Langganan Streamyx RM110.00

So, I am planning to down to TMPoint at Kepong with the bill and the stupid phone set and make the loudest scene there! I do not care if it comes out in the newspaper. I initially do not plan to write-in officially to complaint because the person at supervisor/manager at the Call Center handled my case promptly and much more efficient than the STUPID TMPoint, I was actually calming down and decided to let it be! But now, the first thing that I will do tonight after dinner is draft the letter, make sure I have all the copies ready and bring that draft to the TMPoint when I am there this weekend. GGRRR!!!!!!


Nick Phillips said...

All the best in trying to get it all sorted out. I know how useless these people can be ...

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
I thought it was all over when I finally got my line installed! I think after the 1yr (or was it 2 yrs?) contract over, I am going to switch! So sick of them...

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Jen's Place said...

Hi Alisha,
Thanks for the invite. Will check them out later..

Hanief said...

We are in the same boat.