Monday, August 4, 2008

Lets DELETE Monday!

Monday! I wish I can delete that word from the dictionary forever. Or at least un-associate Monday with the word work! Although Monday should be like any other day, but somehow, it is just not my favorite day of the week. Even on Sunday night, I was already sighing away just thinking of going to work the next day. It makes me wish (almost) that I am one of those stay at home wife. That way, I can go back to sleep after making breakfast for him. But I guess that will be a dream for now! (HINT!!!)

Anyway, from my moaning and groaning above, you can see that it was a great weekend that I wish it don't have to end. Remember that lil surprise that I was planning for babe, well, in the end, I didn't do it because cannot wake up! (BLUSH!). Ok, ok, let me tell you what I was planning to do. Babe was eyeing this chair at Ikea that cost RM299 just for a chair. We went there last weekend because Ikea sales was on but the chair was a hot selling item, and hence, no sales.

So, babe decided not to get it lor since we can use the money for other stuff. I was planning to wake up early on Saturday morning to sneak off to Ikea while babe is at work and buy the chair for him as a surprise. Babe usually wakes up after noon on Saturdays that he was not working and to make sure that he really wakes up after noon, my intention was to make sure that he sleeps really late on Friday night. Well, the plan works! Abit too well actually because I also couldn't wake up!

I did set the alarm to ring at around 9.30am on Saturday but somehow, I think I must have turned it off and gone back to sleep! By the time I woke up, it was already 11.45am and I was not keen to go anymore especially since it was payday week and for sure, it will be a bad jam going to Ikea. Anyway, by then, babe would be awake soon and I am not looking forward to him calling me on my handphone and asking me where I was. That will kinda spoil the surprise wouldn't it.

So, plan B was to go on Sunday instead. Again, I failed miserably and this time it was even worse because I woke up at 1.30pm on Sunday! LOL! I went to bed at around 2am on Saturday and babe say he can't sleep, watched movie till about 4am and he woke up at 2pm-ish! Horrible ain't it but that is what we do during the weekends if we have nothing plan and babe is not working!

Anyway, on Saturday, after brunch at 1pm, watch more movie, we left the house at around 4pm for some shopping. Babe wanted to look for a flat frying pan and some work pants. We went to Subang Carrefour and boy oh boy, we spent more than RM400 there alone but it was worth it! Guess what we bought! Oh well, let me show you some pic....

Philips Rice Cooker - the smart rice cooker!

All those buttons! - cook rice, soup, porridge, bake, etc!

Close up of the wonder buttons

What the buttons for? Cook different kind of rice!


Total dent in the wallet = RM259.00

My next 'toy'. Philips blender

Normal & Dry Mill

5 blades to ensure ice are crushed properly

See those lovely sharp blade!

The dry grinder

Total dent in the wallet = RM99

So, babe RM299 Ikea chair needs to be onhold for now. I am still aiming for the used Ikea sofa but we didn't manage to go to the house to view it yet. Babe was reluctant but I think I managed to pursuade him that it is worth it because the used Ikea sofa has a 10years Ikea warranty. Not easy persuading him actually! The moment I mentioned the word used, he will give me the face and keep really quiet, neither agree or disagree with me. So, I made him go through the Ikea brochure with me and I show him the sofa AND the warranty AND the original price. AND I show him the used sofa picture.

So, all I need to do is get babe to agree on when to make the appointment with owner to see it. I still don't know how to move it back to our apartment though! But where there is a will, there is a way! LOL!

p/s: This have nothing to do with anything above but I just want to record it down, babe swept the floor yesterday without me asking him to!!


Nick Phillips said...

I'm with you on deleting Mondays. I absolutely despise Mondays!

Wow, looks like you had an electrical shopping spree la ... hehehe ...

Jen's Place said...

Hi Nick,
Right now, I feel like deleting the rest of the weekdays and just proceed to Saturday!

Just 2 items, something for the kitchen (AGAIN!). Rice cooker, babe been looking at it everytime we go shopping and when it drop by RM40, just cant resist getting them. Blender, was impulse purchase though...

Sumuk said...

Hei!! I just pointed out the exact rice cooker and blender to Babai last week! Those were my dream too. Then again i thot, oh well might as well i wait for wedding gift.

'Life too short not to buy your dream rice cooker' somehow doesnt apply to shallow pocket eh.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Sumuk,
HAHA! Seems that we think alike yah! HAHA! Our pocket is shallow too but somehow, when we saw the price for the rice cooker dropped by RM40, cant resist! Talk about willpower! haha!