Friday, August 1, 2008

You know and I know LAR!

Friday! What can I say about Friday? Friday is the most anticipate day of the week by almost everyone. It is so loved that there is even a well known restaurant named after it, i.e. TGIF (Thank God it's Friday). We all love Friday so much that the moment that day is here, the load on our shoulder seems to be much lighter compared to when it was Monday! So light in fact that we actually feel like dancing, jumping and make our extra bits jiggle like nobody business!

In fact, I know that many are already making plans to do things that you will normally not do on any other days. I know babe and I definitely love Fridays. Well, maybe I love it more than him since he still have to get up to work on some Saturdays. So, what we planned for tonight? SHOPPING! hahaha! In fact, babe was gently hinting yesterday after picking me up from work that his colleagues told him Jusco have Sales.

I replied, "Of course Sales, now mega sales month, everywhere also sales bah!"

Then he gave me that surprised look. Haiyah, that babe, sometimes really don't know he don't know or just teasing me! hhmpf! Anyway, so we will be walking at the mall near my office later. Frankly speaking, since it is so convenient for me to go to the mall, practically have to walk through it everyday when I was driving myself to walk, I just simply not really interested in window shop or actual shop at this place.

Not that I have walked all over the place mind you. But rather, going to the mall is like so routine, something that I do 5 days in a week to get to work. So, on Fridays and weekends, rather not go near the place. But then, it is the most convenient and nearest to our apartment lor. But since babe said he want to get some work pants, and this place have 2 anchor stores, i.e. Jusco and Parkson, then should be more choice for him. (I asked him, why he need new work pants suddenly. He said want to get those in darker color instead of the beige or light brown that he has now. Personally, I think his current pants must be getting tighter but he deny it so strongly & seriously when I asked that I think I better not tease him:P)

Then we plan to have dinner here. Too many choices here and we are not sure what to eat yet. If babe have his way, we will most likely go to Shillin Taiwan Snack House again for his favourite oyster mee sua and XXL crispy chicken. I am trying to change his mind . I am pretty sick of the oyster mee sua actually! When I first tasted it, it as like heaven on earth as I really like oysters. But everytime there is any friends from Kuching, we will bring them there to try it. The saying too much of good things......

Hopefully I can persuade babe to walk around first and try to explore something new. Of course, if he is keen to have the Japanese buffet at Shogun, I totally do not mind at all! But, my appetite was not what it used to be. I have to say that since I moved here, my ability to eat overloaded amount of food is practically over. Sad but good thing too since it is a pleasant way to control my daily food portion.

However, when going to places like the Japanese buffet, so much food, so little space! I remember going there twice already in the almost four months that I am here. Both times was for lunch and both times were treat by our boss from US. I think there were 6 of us and plus boss, would be 7. Meaning he paid RM350+ for the lunch. But then, divide that by the exchange rate, it is only about US$100+? Cheap consider it is Japanese food for 7 pax!

Anyway, as I was saying, on both occasions, I had only a few slices of salmon sashimi, beef sashimi, salmon rolls with egg roe, deep fried softshell crab, some duck meat, some tempura (more like 2 pcs of tempura prawn), some mushi, sharkfin soup and fruits for dessert! By the time I started on my dessert, I am actually so full and stuffed that I just need something really light to sooth the tummy. Really a waste if you ask me because the whole idea of going to the Japanese buffet and paying RM50 for it is so that you can eat super duper huge amount of fresh expensive seafood!

But luckily both time was not paid by me or else I sure feel wasted. However, I am looking forward to going with babe at least once to Shogun. Want to see him enjoy the food there! I know he love salmon sashimi very much! If we go to SS15, he would definitely order a plate that cost us RM12+ for 6 thick slices of sashimi. So, at Shogun, he can eat all he want at a fixed price! I will definitely going to enjoy watching him enjoy his food!


Rose said...

Like me, if cant I wouldnt want to walk in the same shopping centre that I work and see every day on the weekend.... :p Grew tired of it. Hahaha! Have a nice weekend

Jen's Place said...

Hi Rose,
Yar but end up this weekend, I went there on Friday AND Saturday!