Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ways to Eat Fries & Choc Sundae

No idea what to write today. Everything seems so mild and boring. Came to work today and went upstairs for breakfast. Then came back down to do my work after that. Then obi suddenly asked me if I have pass my workload to the staff exchange girl from germany, K. I stared at her for the longest time because I had a hard time believing that she actually said those words. I mean, just yesterday she wrote in the email that she thinks might be good idea not to passdown to K since the new person replacing me might be coming next week. What in the world?????? I am so confused! And me without thinking just blurt out exactly what my confused mind was thinking.

Let me see what else did I do today? I am feeling really blur. I have my usual cup of coffee today although it is not as strong since it is made by cafeteria but all the same, it is the daily does of caffeine. That should not be the reason for feeling so sleepy now. Or perhaps it is the heavy lunch that I had just now with the girls. Was really really craving for McDonald yesterday and keep on talking about it until the girls also start to imagine eating Big Mac! LOL! Power of persuasion!!! I am strong! hahahaha...

Anyway, I was telling the girls a new way to eat french fries and chocolate sundaes. I love to eat fries dipped into the chocolate sundae! I mean, there is such thing called deep fried ice-cream, where it is hot n crispy on the outside but cold on the inside. Think of this as the opposite, that is cold on the outside and hot crispy on the inside *drool*. Thinking of it makes me shallow my saliva again! This reminds me of another way that a college mate of mine eat his fries. He would order Big Mac or Double Cheeseburger set and then open up the bun and put his fries in between the bun! Have not tried that yet. Not sure I want to either! Sounds worse than fries in ice cream!

After lunch, ermm.....blank! Not sure I remember what I did for the last 3 hours actually. Oh yes, I managed to call about shipping my car over to KL. So, I will be sending them on 21 Mar (yeahh Good Friday, MY BIRTHDAY!! HAHA) and the car should arrive in KL around 25 Mar. So, this is what I need to do:
1. Write a letter to the Finance company where I have my car loan so that I can take my green card out
2. Finance company will give me two letters, 1 for JPJ and another for custom
3. I will then need to bring the car to PUSPAKOM for testing and fill up Borang 2
4. Then go to JPJ to get them to endorse
5. Then send the green card, photocopy of IC, Letter from Finance to custom, Puspakom report, name & Contact person that will collect the car in KL to the shipper

So, I am going to take one and half day leave since the Finance company say that they can only give me the letters and green card the next day. Thursday give them and they give me on Friday. Then hopefully Friday I can go to Puspakom and also JPJ. If not, then need to take another leave just to do the paperwork. Never realised that so troublesome to ship a car over!

I will be car-less for two weeks after that. Will need my dad to send me everywhere! Oh gosh, is mom going to start her nagging again? Maybe I should ask one of my colleague to pick me and go to work so that I dont need to trouble my dad to go out of the house so early. Or maybe I should go look if I can borrow anyone car for two weeks. Wah, can feel myself getting more excited especially since I have already ask the secretary to help book my air ticket. And now, the car also getting ready to be shipped. wow...wow..wow!!!!


Rose said...

Huh? Never thought of dipping my fries in sundae before!! But I dont mind dipping into whipped potatoes.

Let me try first and I tell u my experience! Hahaha!

Jen's Place said...

hahahaha..I tried it and LOVE IT especially when u have some choc and some ice-cream on the fries..yummy!!!!