Monday, March 10, 2008

Crime Rate in Kuching

I am feeling so upset now after reading a posting on Rose blog about her ordeal during the weekend. I simply cannot imagine anyone would be daring enough to snatch the handbag of a lady in front of her own house and right in front of the family members! OMG! Has the crime rate in Kuching become so bad that it is not even safe around your own housing area, right in front of your own gate? What in the world is the authorities doing about this? I mean, I have been hearing about snatch thieves, break-in, car stolen, etc for a long long long time in Kuching.

It seems to me that nothing is being done at all. Oh yah, of course there are talks about adding more patrols and more policemen and so on. But are this just talk? It sure feels that way to me. I mean, if action are being taken, shouldn't the frequency of the crime be decreasing instead of escalating! Yes, I am really angry about this. Kuching used to be a town that is relatively peaceful and safe to live in. This is my hometown and place that someday I would like to be able to come back and retire in. This is the place that my parents and family are living in now!

What in the world are all those people that is suppose to be representing the rights of the people in Kuching doing? It does makes one wonder the meaning of the words they printed on the banners around Kuching recently: For a Peaceful Country. Does that mean peace only to those that can afford having bodyguards round the clock? What about the common people that live in this country and pay taxes for the development of the country? What is the priority of our safety rank in the development plan?

What would it take for the authority to wake up and take action? The death of someone important to snatch thieves? The mumbling from a very important person for being robbed in the broad daylight in their house in front of all their family members? Or the killing of someone because of a carjack? What would it take before someone finally understand and do something!!!!! Sigh, time to buy tazer and baseball bats for my parents to keep in their bags and car...


Nick Phillips said...

That is a sad thing to read on a Monday. Well, you're right when you say that if action is being taken, why is the crime rate still high? That is one reason I voted for someone else this time around. Hopefully things will pick up.

Jen's Place said...

I got reprimanded for not voting this time n wat my friends said is true. Dont just complain. Take action, go vote. I will remember that the next round of election. By hook or crook, I will come back to vote.

Mad Tomato said...

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Jen's Place said...

Mad Tom,
Thanks for the response and clarification on the PR thingie. Now that I know I am doing the right thing, I will just continue doing this and have fun! haha...

Rose said...

Hi Jen, thanks for highlighting this story! It is really worth to inform others on the increasing rate.

Hubby actually have a baseball bat right next to the door but when things really happen, will u remember or in time to take and use it?? Just a thought lah! Now he is considering of buying a samurai sword! Illegal or not??

Cant depend of police patrolling around. We need to take preventive measures ourselves

Jen's Place said...

I know wat u mean. Instead is to protect self by using whatever on hand, in most cases, your own body! Only afterwards then realised how dangerous it is and the fact that you have 'weapon' somewhere.
Actually, what happened to you made me really angry and mad because BDC area has been having very high crime rate since last year but it seems that no one cares!