Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Sky is Broken

It is raining again this morning in Kuching. When I came out of the house around 7am to get to my car, the sky was not pouring yet but it was already rather gloomy. Actually it was still so dark that cars actually need to turn on their headlights. Geez, I am realling feel rather lazy and depressed at the thought of having to go to work today. Why can't days like this be on weekends or public holidays or when I am on leave! Of course, when I am on leave, it usually means that I need to leave the house early anyways because I have got things to do but the idea would be nice right? Geez, humans, never satisfied. When it is shiny, we complain it is too hot. When it is raining, we say it is gloomy and depressing!

Well, at least something good did happened yesterday! I won the best manual speaker in the Toastmasters meeting yesterday. My title was 'A Secret To Tell'. I will share the draft later for those that is interested to complete their project 8 in the Competent Communicator manual as well as include what the evaluator said. It was actually a rather fun topic to do and when you see my draft, you will understand what I mean! And you know what, this should be what Toastmasters meetings should be about, i.e. a place to release stress, relax, have fun and learn from others. Of course, building up network is an added bonus to all of this.

Anyway, as I was driving through the rain that seems to be getting heavier by the second, I suddenly came to the realization that I only have about three and half weeks before I leave for KL! And next week, I will be shipping my car off. Which mean tomorrow I will be going to town to submit my letter to RHB Delta Finance so that they can write me two letters, one to JPJ and another to custom. And of course, I will be needing my greencard so that I can go to JPJ on Friday to get it endorse for shipment to KL. Wah lau!!!!! I am actually words like next week, the week after, tomorrow and so forth to describe my plans now!

Although I am excited, I am feeling sad too because I know I will be homesick and miss my parents, sister and bro very much. I just hope that when they send me to the airport, I will not cry when I hug my dad and mom (Although I got this feeling that I will). Gosh, I think I will be making such a fool of myself at the airport! I also pray that my dad and mom wont be too sad. I remember my mom told me that my dad secretly cried when I went to Nilai to study for my final year many many many mountains ago. depressing to think about! Must be the weather making me so melancholic this morning!

I need comfort food!! I want McDonald fries dipped in chocolate sundae! I want honeydew coated with chocolate! I want junk food!! Didi, give me junk food!! *SLAP MYSELF* Phew...I needed that. All calm and awake now! ~0_0~


Dav DiDi said...

PIAAAKKKSSSS!!!! jenjen, you ah .. keep influence me with junk food .. NO JUNK FOOD .. keep to our diets .. remember, pumpkin bride .. haha ..

Im starting my diet again .. i ate boil egg + hot dog + 1 pc of lousy kueh ... that is breakfast .. planning for porridge on lunch .. let me tummy starve today and tomorrow.

Amoi, remember our diet plans ..

Jen's Place said...

So early in morning already sooo fierce ah! I havent eat my breakfast! Yar yar, no junkfood. I bring honeydew and apple in case later feel like munching.

Nick Phillips said...

I just love junk food and I used to stock up on it quite a bit in my time but now no more la. Getting too fat la ... LOL!

Jen's Place said...

We did that too when we had our little cosy corner with 4 gals, stock up junkfood and whatever other things to share. But now that we are in different places, rather hard to share and do that. I sure miss the good old days!!!