Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Moments

I was minding my own business as usual yesterday as I went out for my dinner alone again yesterday. I was feeling melancholic and the weather didn't exactly helped much, rain and more rain for the past few days. There I was, sitting by myself with my yummy book and burger, trying really hard to ignore all the activities around and emerge myself in the serial killer triller. I wonder if there is really a task force in United States that is so elite that even the state police jumps at their command!

And suddenly, I feel that prickly feeling. You know how it is. Somehow, even without looking, you can actually feel someone staring? Well, that is the feeling that I got. At first, it was just at the edge of my consciousness that keep on nagging at me. Then as I slowly detached myself from my book, the feeling became more tangible, so strong that I feel like I can almost pick it up in my palm. As I slowly look up, I see this guy standing right beside me, looking and staring at whatever that I am doing.

Self consciously, I start to adjust my camisole and cardigan so that minimal cleavage and flesh is on display. Still feeling surprised and uncomfortable at being disrupted and privacy violated, the guy suddenly open his mouth wanting to say something. My immediate reaction was in horror and a million possible responses and reaction came into my mind. How would I react? What should I do?

And then he said, "Miss, your fries" and he proceed to place the freshly fried fries that I ordered earlier on in front of me. LOL! I forgotten that the waitress at the counter promised to deliver my fries to me later as they were still preparing it just now. And the waiter must have been standing there for awhile waiting for me to notice him so that he can give me my fries! Serve me right for being so engrossed in the serial killer triller that I was reading. Luckily I didn't embarrassed myself further by screaming.

So, that is one of my happy moment when I had that silly but funny experience. Guess what I am trying to say is that happy memories are created not only on big celebration such as weddings, birthdays, parties and so on. Sometimes, it is those little snippets in life that automatically brings smile to the lips when the memory are replayed during personal moments.

Happy - Happy Moments


Dav DiDi said...

Jen, that's what I call syok sendiri.. hahahaha !

Jen's Place said...

nolar, scare myself nia