Thursday, March 6, 2008

How To Live and Work with PASSION

I was browsing the internet yesterday and read an interesting article from a free-reprint-article website. The article was written and submitted by Craig Lock ( and ) It seems that has written many inspirational articles that is free for anyone that is interested. In this article which he based on a motivational book called "Living with Passion", he listed the following secrets of leading a successful life:

JenJen: I have always been a firm believer that challenges give variety to the spices of life. Thinking back to my previous job, although it was really stressful with the management from hell, but the challenges faced helps me to grow and build my personality to be what I am now, i.e. someone with strong determination to succeed in every undertakings and ability to think out-of-box while standing on one feet!

JenJen: During the college years, we studied human behavioral as one of the topics in Human Resource Management. We were told that one of the hardest things to change in a person is their beliefs. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that this is not good as firm beliefs makes up principles that guide a person through life. Having said that, it is important also to realized when a belief became obsolete and a paradigm shift is needed. This is how we can progress in a world that is evolving.

3.Purpose and Values
JenJen: Remember how we groan when we were forced to take LAN subjects such as Ethics as one of the compulsory subject while completing our degree? How we groan and moan about how the MOE feels that we do not have enough morale values and tries to force it down our throat? Well, I am glad that they did it. Reason? Look at our youngsters nowadays. I think I do not have to say more.

4.Conquering Your Fear
JenJen: This is perhaps one of the hardest thing to do. How to conquer fear when the legs,hands and head are shaking, the heart is marinating in the stomach acid at the pit of it and especially the knowledge of helplessness. I will not say much on how to conquer fear but sufficient to say that once the fear is conquered, the feeling of freedom is the greatest feeling in the world. Trust me. I have just been there!

5.Attitude (positive)
JenJen: There is always another side to the coin. No matter how horrible or bad a situation is, there is always something positive that can be derived from the situation. I know this is hard to believe for the person that is actually in the situation but by looking any dilemma with positive attitude, it actually makes the situation easier to bear and overcome.

JenJen: Along the road that leads to success, there will be many distraction and temptation. Make sure to stay focus. It helps to write down the objectives and paste it somewhere. Get family and friends to help. No matter what, do not take the detour no matter how easy it might look!

JenJen: This is related to staying focus. In order to stay focus on the goal, there need to be a commitment. And commitment comes with sacrifices. Nothing in this world is free. One way or another, there is some form of payment, be it time, money, family and so on.

JenJen: Along with all the above, if there is no desire, then there is no need and wants. In fact, if there is no desire, there is no longer any need for the 10 secrets because there is no reason to acquire success.

JenJen: A person without goal would be like a person flying a plane blinded folded in the storm. There is no destination, no aim and purpose. And hence, no reason to succeed.

10. Choices
JenJen: Last but not least, choices. It is our own decision whether we want to succeed in life or work. It is our own decision to be proactive, to work hard, to be positive and to accept opportunities that came our way. No one can stop you from doing what you want to do or make you do what you don't want. They can only influence you. Ultimately, the decision to choose the many road in life belongs to you alone!

So, so choose wisely my friends!

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