Friday, March 7, 2008

CC 8: Get Comfortable with Visual Aids

There is so many possibilities with this project in the competent communication manual. Basically, you can talk about anything under the sun and it does not even have to be something technical or logical! I was telling Rose the other day that the visual aids can be as simple as powerpoint slides done in attractive ways that can captivate the audience but most importantly, convey the message across in the shortest most effective way possible.

Of course, it can be something totally different and unique. I remember seeing once a speaker that actually uses the Christmas tree as a metaphor to her wedding preparation. Of course, another idea that is playing in my head is using baking to illustrate the ingredient to a successful relationship. No matter what visual aid it is, the aim is to use something other than vocal to help the listener understand and remember what they hear better. Used correct, visual aid will be a very valuable tool to any speakers.

Having said that, the speakers must be careful not to let the visual aid be the focus for everything. With powerpoint slides, speakers tend to put themselves in the background and just let the slides do all their work. It should never be this way. Remember, you are the giving the speech and not the slides. Stand out and ensure that the visual aids are helping you and NOT you helping to explain the visual aids.

So, I am still thinking of a topic for my next speech. Not sure what I will do yet. A few ideas in my head currently but need to get them organised first. The ideas are:

1. Why adopt from SSPCA
2. Is this Good Speech Topic
4. How to Make a Million
and the list goes on...

Speech is on next Tuesday. So, I really get this ready by this weekend and prepare the material latest by Monday. Should I take the easy way out and just use powerpoint slides? Dilemma dilemma dilemma...


Dav DiDi said...

Jen, give you idea .. talk bout adopting from sspca .. can promote sspca and help other pity animals there to have a better home and life..

Jen's Place said...

That topic came to my mind because of you actually.Thinking that for impact, show the horrible tortured animal picture...

Anonymous said...

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