Sunday, February 3, 2008

What I Love And Hate

Billy's mom tagged me with What I Love and Hate tag.

1). I love to eat; Anything with Oyster. I keep on thinking of the oyster mee sua that I had at a Taiwan Snack House in Bukit Raja. Heard there is one in 1U too.
2). I hate to eat; Bad low quality food especially yucky chicken nuggets.

1). I love to go on; a stress free long vacation where people can only reach me in dire emergency.
2). I hate to go on; shopping spree in a jam packed supermarket with inconsiderate people leaving their shopping cart in the middle of the lane.

1). I love it when; it rains and I am curl up in bed during weekend or public holiday with my babe and fluffly teddy bear (hahaha childish!)
2). I hate it when; it rains cats & dogs while I am on the road trying to reach my destination in the shortest time possible.

1). I love to see; sunset or sunrise on a cruise ship for my honeymoon. (babe, if u r reading tis, tat is a hint!)
2). I hate to see; kids throwing tantrums, screaming & kicking on the floor in public places (God, I pray my future kids wont be like that)

1). I love to hear; the sound of baby coo and laugh with sheer joy over absolutely nothing.
2). I hate to hear; my mom nagging:P

And so, I completed the tag from Billy's mom and I would like to tag the following people:
Apple Jul
World of Didi


Nick Phillips said...

I hate those people who leave shopping carts in the middle of nowhere in supermarkets like as if the place belongs to them! Drives me up the wall!!!

Jen's Place said...

nick! hahaha!
So we do have something in common other than blogging addiction! hehe..
Shall I tag you? I know you normally dont like tag:P