Sunday, February 3, 2008

In Twist and Knots

After trying for a few months, I finally got a job offer in KL with the salary scale that I am hoping for, well close to it anyways. (After being stumped a few times and being told that I am out-pricing myself from the market, I was starting to feel abit low.)

On top of that, it is the type of job that I know I will enjoy because it is challenging and most probably involve some travelling. Not forgetting the fact that it is a MNC and just got listed recently. I also like the location of the office as it is not too far from where my babe is working. I have met up with the team that I will be working in and I truly like what I see. The working atmosphere is not so formal but at the same time people know what they want and achieve their goals. I think the company have great potential to grow.

So, what is the problem you would say. Well, remember I said the salary is close to what I am hoping for? Well, without the extra bit that makes the salary close to what I hoped, babe & I are worried that we will not be able to survive. Ok, maybe can survive but most likely not have much savings for any emergencies. The idea of being broke with no where to turn to immediately is seriously giving me the jibbers! Especially since I will be paying for 2 houses basically, 1 in Kuching and the other rented house that I will be sharing with my babe.

The one in Kuching is the house that my bro & I bought for our parents. It is nothing fancy, just a single storey semi-D in the sub-urban area. But it is roof over the head and I want to be able to continue paying the home loan and let my parents stayed there till the end of their days. I do not want to burden my dad or end up he having to pay my share of the loan. That is seriously not something I want to think about at all.

And of course, moving to KL would mean that babe & I need to get a place of our own eventually. I mean in the first few months, we can crash with some of our friends while looking for suitable place. But sooner or later, we just need to get our own place. I doubt the two of us have face thick enough to stay too long at the friend's place anyways. So, at the moment, we are pretty comfortable with the idea of a place in Setia Alam where babe is staying now. The rent for a double-storey terrace is about RM600-650. From Setia Alam to Bandar Utama area for work daily would most probably mean monthly petrol of about RM500, plus toll, about RM200, total approx RM700 just for transportation. Oh not forgetting the high possibility of fuel hike somewhere this year.

Then we start counting our daily meals and concluded about RM300 each per month for lunch on working days and other meals & groceries at RM500 each.

Meaning my monthly expenses: RM350 (half of rental) + RM700 + RM300 + RM500 = RM1850.

And this has not even included the utilities such as water, electricity, phone, etc. EGAD! Yah, panicking abit. Babe were suggesting that we look for houses in Damansara area so that we can reduce the monthly petrol cost abit since he will be using his bike to work. I dont know, even now, I never feel safe about him riding a motorbike to work although it is only 15 minutes away. What more to say from Damansara, a 30-45minutes ride away. Am I worrying too much?

As you can see, the wires in my brain are all twisted up and in knots trying to decide. On one hand, we worry that if I do not grab this opportunity, nothing similar will be coming along anytime soon. On the other side of the coin, what if it is a really bad decision to not wait for another better offer? Aiyahhhh how like this? On top of that, I know my mom will kick up a fuss when I told my family my plans if I decided to take the offer......

p.s. Anyone with good advise is greatly appreciated!


Rose said...

Hi Jen, wah looks like you are really in a dilemma here. I think i cant give you a good advice, as it is your own decision and a new life that you need to take.

Hmm, maybe you just need to take one step at a time, i.e. discuss with your parents on your intention to move and work in KL (sooner or later you going to move out from their comfort zone right?), seriously consider the job's pros and cons. If you decide to take the job, you still have chance to look for other job there too.

Nick Phillips said...

Try factoring 2 kids and then see how the expenses go up through the roof ... LOL!

It's never easy making decisions ya? I think Rose is right, you can still look for a better job when you're here ...

Jen's Place said...

Yap, one step at a time and it would look something like this:
1. Tell dad
2. Tell new company ok
3. Tell current boss
4. Tell mom <---preferably as close to departure date as possible

hahaha...yah, I am expecting a war world three. Was watching 'Mother Knows Best' on Astro just now and it is giving me the creeps imagining my mom that way:P

Jen's Place said...

We dun even dare to think about adding kid or kids to the equation at the moment. All the cost for diapers and milk formula alone will kill me. Maybe I shud just go back to the nature and give the kid breast milk till he/she is 3?? LOL:P

Yap, guess I have pretty much decided to take up the offer anyways. If it does not work out, it would be easier to hunt for better job then...

Melancholy Thongs said...

I know most of your readers sympathize with your situation and its not that I don't. Heh. Not much of any advice to give, because you already sound like a very smart woman: you know what you want, what to do and you have set your plans. I'm just gonna give you a different view of the matter: a positive one.

People naturally adapt to their situations

So don't worry, the two of you will make it work and I'm proud to read that you're sorting out ur finances in a practical way. Though it is not a marriage or anything like that (to move to KL), it is still a big step. Nothing to worry, once you get pass ur parents, just get in the boat and enjoy the ride. What's life without a bit of excitement and new adventures :)

Jen's Place said...

Thongs!!! So happy to see you here. You are one of the few people that I can actually relate my situation with at the moment^_^.

Yes, I know I just need to get over the hurdle and then it should be smooth sailing. Thanks for showing me the positive side of things:)

Dav DiDi said...

My opinion .. take up the offer and try to ask about company transport .. :) .. if that can't do, then try cutting off other expenses ..

For me, accept the offer & search for others when you are there. It will be a lot easier to find job if you are there than here ..

You will find ways to adapt .. Trust yourself .. Believe ... :)

Jen's Place said...

No company transport. I asked already :(

Actually I asked about allowance for housing or transportation but was informed that dont have for the position. Guess, I am almost 90% confirmed will take it up. Just me being a silly gal and worry too much:P

Melancholy Thongs said...

Asking is not silly :) .. At least you asked. If they dun give .. dun give lor .. but at least you go with the knowledge that you bothered to ask what MAY be your rightful benefits.

Some ppl never get what they want because they never ask .. :)


Jen's Place said...

You are right about the asking part. At least I will know EXACTLY what to expect and not get too much surprises at the end.
Hei, I thought you are coming back for CNY today? When is your flight?
Anyway, HAPPY CNY!!!