Saturday, February 2, 2008

CNY Madness

So, to continue with the Chinese New Year madness that has finally started in Kuching, decided to share with you all my goodies stash for the CNY. Was sharing with some friends that Kuching seems to have forgetten that CNY is around the corner. I mean, even last week, there were hardly any shoppers at the shopping centers here. The previous years, 2 weeks before the festival, the festivity had already started and everyone start to rush and causing crazy jam everywhere.

But this year, we only start to see the jam today! This morning, when I was out with Rose to get our hair highlighted at Tun Jugah, there were still hardly any cars on the road and in TJ. That was around 10am. After we got our hair done, we went to Memories Cafe at Padungan as Rose was suddenly thinking about fried rice. After we left the place around 2pm, that is when we finally got caught in traffic jams almost everywhere!

Guess everyone finally suddenly REALISED chinese is less than 5 days away and is rushing for last minute shopping. Or was it that some were waiting for their payday on the last day of the Jan or first day of Feb. Anyway, I am just glad that I got almost all my goodies. Just need to go to the supermarket to get flour and butter for my cakes and cookies. I think I will do that early tomorrow morning so that I will miss the jam.

My Stash of goodies. Some of it anyways. The rest are still in plastic bags!

Mom is talking about buying dried pork again. So tomorrow going to have to go get the small mesh wire so that the homemade dried pork that I am experimenting with now using Windy's recipe wont break into tiny ugly pieces. So, here I share with you my first sad attempt at making the dried pork. Taste wise, it is almost like the real thing that you buy from the shops. Softer actually because were using good quality pork. I am using minced pork meat with some fat. This is from roughly 100gm of pork. (err...half eaten by mom already..hahaha)

Mom & Dad like it so I will just need to make it look more presentable! If I can get that done, maybe I can start selling homemade dried pork or even beef next year! hahaha


Rose said...

congrats on your 1st attempt at dried pork! hahah!

Me and Little J very tired after today activities we dozed off immediately after reaching home! :p

Jen's Place said...

Unlike me, I didnt get the chance to sleep once home. Start making the crispy seaweed and homemade dried pork after that.