Monday, February 18, 2008

What I Love and Hate (meme)

Windy tag me with the meme called What I love and hate. I think I did this once before but I dont mind doing it again and I am pretty sure some of the things I love and hate will be different from my previous answer. Just for fun, I am going to try something different and put any many love & hate with Obi as the main topic...hehehe...

1) Love to eat: At any place that serve good food with good service as Obi is not there
2) Hate to eat: I hate liver also (hahaha..the only non-Obi related thing:P)

1) Love to go on: Gossiping session with the gals especially to b'tch about Obi.
2) Hate to go on: Evidence and fact finding session just because Obi do not trust what was said.

1) Love it when: I give my letter and see the look on Obi face!
2) Hate it when: Obi breath down my neck and check everything that I do.

1) Love to see: Obi panicking when she sees my letter...
2) Hate to see: Obi walking to my desk with the look that say 'Are you sure you already do this?"

1) Love to hear: My colleagues telling me cham Obi is after she is finally being transferred to non-ppl related position.
2) Hate to hear: Obi calling me a few months after I leave this place asking me god-knows-what

Phew!! hahaha..I am not going to tag anyone with this:P


Dav DiDi said...

aiks..why is it related to obi pula ??

Jen's Place said...

hahaha didi, just for fun mar:P

Rose said...

very funny indeed! hahaha! Poor obi, she must be sneezing when u mentioned her name her!! cham! If only she knows the nickname u gave her!

Jen's Place said...

hhmm..i think she oredi immune bcos i never hear a make even a small sneeze!

Dav DiDi said...

Rose, when she is my boss, i call her alarm clock .. every minute, ringing and never stop ringing coz the button to shut it off is lost .. and now, she is the "EH" branded alarm clock ..

Windy said...

Thank you for doing this tag again. It seems that Obi doesn't sound like a good boss... hehe

Jen's Place said...

U r most welcome! I had fun doing this meme tag.
And u definitely do not wish for obi to be ur me