Monday, February 18, 2008


Row Row Row your boat
Gently down the stream
Throw the teacher overboard
Then you hear a scream!

hahahaha...I have always like that altered version of Row Your Boat. Not that I really intend to throw the teacher overboard, but sure does have a nice ring to it. I mean, you can always substitute the word 'teacher' with any other person that you dislike at the moment (for example: Obi) and there is a sense of satisfaction even though you know that you wont be doing that in real life.

Life is so full of unpredictable happenings. Although I have always dreamed of going outside of Kuching to work, I have never seriously considered that it will actually happened. I mean, all my life, I have been living, studying and working in Kuching. Although I was borned in Sibu, Kuching is always my hometown. Sufficient to say that I am rather excited obviously about the prospect but at the same time sadden by it.

Sad because of many many different reasons that only a Kuchingnite no longer living in Kuching can relate to. Although some might say that with the convenience and cheap fare offered by AirAsia, it is easy to fly back and forth. But it will never be the same as living or staying at the place. I mean, what if I suddenly have the craving for kampua from A1B2 at BDC? I cannot just get into my car and drive there and have a bowl. Neither can I ask my colleagues if we want to go eat there for lunch.

Food aside, there is of course the transportation and commute time. In Kuching, the thought of taking commute time into consideration was never a big issue. We can practically get to anywhere in Kuching in less than 30minutes maximum. Most of the time, within 15-20minutes. Babe and I already estimate that for me to get to work daily would take roughly an hour because of the traffic jam. Of course, I also need to learn to be brave and drive more aggressively compared to driving here. In Kuching, I will have no problem to make my mom's toes curl while sitting next to me in the car. I just hope that when I drive in KL next time, it will not be my toe that is curling or perhaps it will be my hair trying hard not to get all fumed up by the other drivers for being a road-hog!

Of course, another major factor will be finances. While in Kuching, if at anytime I have overspend, in other words too broke to eat outside, I know when I go home, there is for sure food on the table or at least maggie or bread. But living independently would mean foregoing that pair of shoes that I know will make me look slimmer. It will also mean not being tempted to buy that extra rich imported coffee that I like and just settle for Nescafe with coffeemate. No more impulse spending (or at least try to minimise) or else face the consequences of being broke and not having money to pay for rent, utilities, petrol, food, bla bla bla bla...

OH MY GOD! I am sure you are thinking, IS THIS GIRL INSANE! So many cons compared to pro. I admit, it is a huge step and although my dad didn't said it out loud, I know he is ready to jump on the next plane the moment I call for help but I am choosing to make the sacrifices because I will be with the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Even with the big mountain and ocean that we need to climb and swim through now, babe and I know that it is worth it. At the end, all things will pass and what remains is the love we have for each other. For better or worse right??

Some might be asking me if it is worth and also how does someone love another person so much. Well, to be frank, I have no answer to how come I love my babe so much and how come he love me so much. But sufficient to say that the sacrifices are definitely worth it. How can it not be when he is willing to abandon his family and friends in Kuching so that he can get a better job so that we can have a good life. How can it be not worth it when he tells me that he hope that I will not have to work in 10years time so that he can take care of me. How can it not be worth it when he say that when we sign, I will finally be his officially. And how can it not be worth it when he asked me what endearment term I want him to call me...

Yes, it is definitely worth it...


Rose said...

If it worths all those mountain climbing and river crossing, then go for it, friend! I know you can take and encounter this new challenge with determination and perseverance.

Jen's Place said...

^_^ I am a sucker for challenges but this is one that I don't mind facing because I have my babe and also friends such as you to stand by me...