Thursday, February 28, 2008

Teenage Moments

I am now sitting in front of the tv watching the American Idol. Tonight is the girls' turn but so far, for the last half hour, I have no heard one that can rival the guys best few yet. And guess who is my favourite? David Archuleta! The really young, really cute boy with his dark eyes look staring at the audience in the studio and at home. The moment he start singing, everyone can't help themselves and be captivated. I am telling you, he will be among the top 3~! And on top of that, he is really shy and modest for a 17 year old boy! Don't you just love his chuckles and laughs??? hahahah..I am turning into an idiotic teenager! bluekk!! Here, let me share a picture of picture that I copied from :
Ain't he sweet? OK OK, enough about David A. and my silliness.

Let me see, what else have I been doing since this morning. Nothing much except work of course. What do you think I was doing? Sitting around and do nothing? Also, was doing some last minute adjustment to my speech for the Toastmasters meeting tonight. So, that went well. The meeting started with refreshment at 5.30pm as usual. And I suddenly realised that my boss, the g-man is coming for the meeting as well!! *GASPS!*

Turn out that he was there to give 'moral' support to one of his friend that will also be giving his speech tonight. His first speech actually. So, I was really nervous at first and can really really really feel the butterfly in my stomach. In fact, I was hoping really really hard that he will leave right after his friend's speech. Fat hope! I guess I was kinda nervous because this is the first time g-man actually see me 'perform' by giving manual speech in a toastmasters meeting. Good thing I didn't lost any of my lines or something equally silly!

Anyway, the meeting end around 8pm and it was pouring monkeys and bananas! I mean, around 4pm, we can actually FEEL the sound of thunder in our office. Poor me forgotten to bring an umbrella to work today. It was really pouring rather heavily, the type of rain that the moment you step in it, you will get totally soaked! Good thing that clever me immediately was able to find a kind soul to share her umbrella with me. Then I went to babe's sister place to get the house key for babe tomorrow since his flight will be really late, around midnight.

Yes, my babe is coming back for the weekend! In the midst of all the activities at work, I totally forgotten to feel excited about this! LOL~! So, yah, my babe is coming back tomorrow. He will arrive here around midnight assuming that AirAsia no delay! Or else will have to wait till after midnight. Then babe, his mom and sisters will be coming over to the house on Saturday around 2pm. As I was saying, I am expecting world war III after that since I am pretty sure my mom will go berserk. Sigh~! Need to think of a strategy.

Right people, bed time for me. So tired already. MUCKS! HUGS! NITE NITE ^_^


Hye said...

Hi there :D I am also addicted with American Idol. I watch every episode of it. I watched the Girls edition awhile ago, and so far I was disappointed with all of them. Am I mean. I only like David A and Michael Johns now ;D

Hye of Space of Reality

Jen's Place said...

Actually together with David A., I thought Michael Johns will be the top few too. I think the guys will rule American Idol this time! hehe..

Oh man, I can hear some people snickering and say: I thought you don't like reality show! LOL~!

Nick Phillips said...

I'm going crazy over David Archuleta and I'm a guy! LOL! I'm rooting for him and Michael Johns. None of the girls impressed me just yet though ...

Happy weekend to you.

Jen's Place said...

WOW! American Idol final show down just started and those two already have a fan base all the way in Malaysia!
I don't mind having a son that look like David A.! Would be fun watching all the gals go googoogaga over my son! bluekk

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Jen,
Yes!! I predict David Archuleta will be the next AI. He is really great and cute too. :-))