Friday, February 29, 2008

The World...Living.....Racing....Crying...Enjoying

Geez, I really don't know what to write about today. I mean this morning, while on the way to work, I actually have lots of idea what to write but told myself to wait until after office hours to start blogging. After all, just because I have resigned does not mean that I do not have to do my work anymore right? Alright, so obi has started to treat me like I will be leaving tomorrow and even requested that I list down what my accounts and projects are. And just now, she sent the whole team an email that we will have a discussion next Monday to 'distribute' my workload to the rest. I was asking the guys what am I suppose to do after that for the rest of 1 month! After all, my last day will only be on 7 Apr 2008.

Honestly speaking, I have a mix feeling about this. I mean, I should be very happy that my workload will be distributed and leaving me free to do whatever I want during office hours. And of course, leaving me more time to update my blog and go blog hopping! But you know what? I am upset more than happy. Reason? Well, it is very simple. When someone treat you as if you will just up and run away without handing things over properly to the next person, you will feel upset too right? I mean, in all my three years plus working in this company, I would like to think that I have more respect than that. I really don't know. Am I being overly sensitive?

After all, she could just be anxious to proof that she is handling this well especially since this would be her first subordinate resigning. (I would say first of many perhaps??). However, how would you feel about a superior that said in front of others, although jokingly, Choh lah mah huan nia (Give people trouble only) about having to find replacement for my position. I really don't know what to say. Either she really have zero people skill or meant what she said....

Enough about this. Right, for someone that don't know what to write about, I sure have alot to say about her. I know that I have been talking alot more often about obi recently. Most probably I am being overly sensitive. I think I better talk about something else before I get myself all hyped up again! Anyway, I was visiting Didi's blog and she has started a rather worthwhile campaign, i.e. a call for people to help stop cruelty to animals by writing about it in their blog.

To tell you the truth, I can never understand how anyone being cruel to animals that can't that can't even argue with you or fend themselves. So some dogs do attack people but that is only because either they are scared or have sickness in them. Most dogs worship the very ground that their master walked on. How can anyone hurt any of this creatures or be heartless enough to harm them. I heard Didi said that some even go to the extend of mutilating them!

It gives me this bitter feeling at the pit of my stomach. I mean, I have two toy dogs myself. One is about 10 years old and is half blind and deaf partly due to old age but mostly due to a stroke he suffered a few years back. Although he can hard hear or see and at times, just pee anywhere he wants, we love him very much. At least when he realised that it is his mistress playing with hm, he will roll on the floor with all his four feet in the air waiting for his tummy rub! I cannot imagine anyone harming him!

I know I will miss them very much when I go KL. I am still contemplating whether my parents will be able to take care of them. If not, I guess I will need to give them away to some loving heart and soul. Know anyone who is willing to take a half blind and deaf male shih tzu and a white female shih tzu? Oh yah, forgot to mention that he has sire many litters and the most recent concubine of his gave birth end of last year. So, if anyone is interested to adopt them, must be BOTH, please leave me a message.

Right, that is all for now. I have said enough especially since I didn't know what to talked about in the first place!


Patty said...

You can put doggie diapers on your Shih Tzu since he pees all over. I wish you lots of luck finding a good home for both of your dogs. It can be very difficult to find someone who is willing to take a blind and deaf senior dog. Are there any rescue groups in your area who might be able to help?

RaiNboW said...

haha.. Jen, my sympathy to you regarding obi. Maybe we can consider that some people will never learn.

Jen's Place said...

SSPCA is the only rescue group around here. But I heard that they put them to sleep if no one adopt them after certain period of time....

Jen's Place said...

hahaha..immune already:P